We Fight to Get Workers the Full Benefits They Deserve for an Injury on the Job

After an on the job injury, you need a workers' compensation attorney who will fight for your right to fair and just compensation.You work hard every day to provide for your family. While it’s hard to spend eight, ten, or even twelve hours on your feet, you know that it will be worth it to provide a full and secure future for your loved ones. But after you are injured on the job, that future is threatened—and you can barely sit up, let alone go back to work. At least you will be allowed to collect benefits to replace your wages and funds for your medical bills as you recover, right?

Maybe not. Numerous injured workers will have their workers' compensation claims denied, even though they were hurt at work while performing a job-related assignment. Some may have been approved, but received a drastically low figure—and others have received threatening letters that their benefits will soon be cut off.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Covers and Protects Injured Workers

In Massachusetts, our General Laws (Chapter 152 - The Workers' Compensation Act) requires employers to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage to all their employees. These laws are in place to make sure that workers are protected by insurance if they are injured on the job or contract a work-related illness.

Our Workers' Compensation Lawyers Are Here For Workers Who Are Denied Benefits

While most Massachusetts employers have the proper workers’ compensation insurance policies to provide for injured workers, some insurance companies refuse to extend the required and necessary benefits to the injured employees. Workers Compensation insurance companies sometimes pay injured workers less than they should, refuse to approve certain necessary medical treatment so an injured worker can recover from their injuries and, in a lot of cases, even totally deny disability and medical benefits. Your right to workers' compensation does not depend on who was at fault for your injuries. Even if your own negligence caused your injuries, you are still entitled to benefits.

Types of Workers' Comp Claims Our Framingham Attorneys Have Worked

Many injured employees are left unable to work and earn money to provide for their families. When workers' comp refuses to pay them, how do they support their family, feed their children, and pay the bills? That's where we come in. Framingham workers' compensation attorney Charles S. Pappas has the litigation experience, legal knowledge, and skills it takes to be successful in workers’ compensation cases to get injured employees the benefits they deserve and the best lump sum settlement possible.  

We have helped clients that were hurt on the job get the workers' compensation benefits for:

Back and Neck Injuries

A blow to the neck or spine can have permanent effects on a worker’s ability to walk, drive, sit, stand, or even move without pain. A back injury can range from a pinched nerve or a slipped disc that causes chronic pain to a cervical spinal injury that results in permanent paralysis.

Serious Falls

From head trauma to broken bones, a slip and fall accident at work can cause a wide range of problems. Falls from heights, such as staircases, elevators and escalators, scaffolding, cranes, or other platforms can cause serious—or even deadly—injuries.

Crushing and Amputation Injuries

Construction sites, farming, and industrial occupations that involve heavy machinery carry a daily risk to workers. A single second near a defective or unprotected piece of machinery can crush or amputate parts of a worker’s body, leading to multiple revision surgeries, phantom pain, post-traumatic stress, and other lifelong ill effects.

Occupational Illness Claims

An injury can happen suddenly, or it can negatively impact a worker day by day, breaking down the body and causing irreparable damage. Occupational illnesses occur when the work environment causes employees to become sick, whether through toxic exposure or dangerous work conditions. Cancer, arthritis, heat exhaustion, and even stress can be considered compensable under workers’ compensation.

Burn Injuries

Thermal burns may be caused by open flames, burst steam pipes, and boiling liquids, but workers can also suffer electrical burns from downed wires and chemical burns from solvents irritating the skin, eyes, or mouth. Even when treated quickly, burns can cause infection, scarring, and permanent disfigurement.

Repetitive Stress Claims

While carpal tunnel syndrome is the most widely-recognized repetitive stress injury, any muscle damage, nerve impingement, or degradation of the body caused by daily work actions could qualify for a repetitive stress claim. Bending and lifting are common causes of these injuries, and can place lifelong restrictions on a worker’s back, joints, and hands.


One of the most serious work injuries that a person can suffer is the inability to use his arms or legs. Partial or total paralysis can occur due to work-related car crashes, violence in the workplace, or any number of traumatic accidents. These types of spinal injuries can result in an inability to perform sustainable work in the future, as well as increased medical expenses, including live-in care attendants and lifelong medical difficulties.

Fatal Injuries

Workers’ compensation may not cover all of the expenses of an injury or illness, especially if a worker is killed on the job. If someone you loved suffered a fatal workplace accident, we can file a third-party claim to get you proper payment for pain and suffering, loss of support, loss of consortium, and funeral and burial expenses.

Even Valid Workers' Compensation Claims Can Be Denied After Deadlines Pass

If you have been trying to resolve a Massachusetts workers’ compensation dispute on your own for some time, you should contact our firm as soon as possible. There are many deadlines that must be met in order for your claim to be successful, and your employer could simply be attempting to run out the clock.

We can tell you what is happening in your claim, get your benefits approved, or take the company to court to get you what you are owed. Call Mahaney & Pappas, LLP, at (508) 879-3500 or contact us online and we will get back to you promptly, day or night, weekday or weekend.

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