Below is a Thank You card that Attorney Chuck Pappas received recently from an extremely satisfied client. This client was injured on the job in Sudbury, MA. Her injuries prevented her from returning to work and she needed medical treatment. When her employer's workers' compensation insurance company denied her claim and refused to pay her disability benefits and to pay for her medical treatment, she searched for a Massachusetts workers' compensation attorney. She found Attorney Chuck Pappas and is glad that she did. 

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The Note States:

"Hello Chuck, Thank you immensely for aiding me in the resolution of the workmens' compensation claim with [insurance company]. You diligently provided me excellent service and guidance throughout the course of these challenging events. Especially the Deny, Deny Deny posturing that the insurance companies show. It was an eye opening experience for me, without a doubt! Again thank you again. Please extend my gratitude to Kim, who is so efficient, thoughtful and courteous." Sincerely, Pat H

Attorney Pappas Took Immediate Action on This Workers' Compensation Claim

As you can tell from the Thank You card, this employee found out first hand how insurance companies can sometimes deny claims and refuse to provide injured workers the benefits they deserve.

After this client hired Attorney Pappas, he filed a claim on her behalf right away. Attorney Pappas was successful in getting this injured employee the weekly disability benefits she deserved and forcing the insurance company to pay for all of the medical treatment she required. Attorney Pappas was then able to negotiate a favorable lump sum settlement in this case. 

Have You Been Injured on the Job? 

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident on the job, you should contact an experienced Massachusetts workers' compensation lawyer. The attorneys at Mahaney & Pappas, LLP have the experience and skills needed to help injured workers get the compensation and benefits they deserve.

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