When a man, who suffered a serious back injury on the job in Massachusetts, had a bad experience with the workers' compensation insurance company and his own lawyer, a friend of the injured worker (who also happened to be a lawyer) referred him to Attorney Chuck Pappas

Attorney Pappas evaluated the workers' compensation case, determined that the injured worker wasn't getting the workers' compensation benefits he deserved and that more could be done for this injured worker. This man's prior attorney told him that nothing more could be done for him, but Attorney Pappas saw his case in a completely different light. Immediate action was taken on this case and in the end Attorney Pappas was able secure a very significant lump sum settlement for this man.

A Thank You Note From The Referring Attorney 

After Attorney Pappas obtained a substantial lump sum settlement for the injured worker, the lawyer that referred him sent Attorney Pappas this Thank You letter. 

                                   framingham personal injury attorney

The letter states:

"Thank you for the outstanding work that you performed on behalf of [the injured worker].  I know that he had really been put through the ringer by his previous counsel and am so glad that he retained your services. 

Your professionalism is so much appreciated, both by [him] and by me. I was extremely confident that you would do a great job and that is exactly what you did.  I am so appreciative how you counseled [him] and kept him abreast of what was happening with his case and I know that he felt extremely comfortable with you. 

Thank you also for your consideration in sending the referral fee.  I will absolutely kep you in mind when anyone needs representation in a personal injury or worker's compensation claim. 

Thanks again for all that you did for [him]!"

This "Thank You" letter is a real testament to Attorney Pappas' mission to represent all his clients with dedication and diligence. It is also an example of why it is important to make sure you consult with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Massachusetts if you have been seriously injured on the job.  

Speak With An Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

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