After a worker fell and suffered a serious head injury at work in Marlborough, Massachusetts, the injured worker contacted our Framingham workers' comp attorney Chuck Pappas to help with her workers' compensation claim. Unfortunatley, this worker suffered a concussion that developed into post-concussive syndrome, which caused her many disabling symptoms. There were several legal issues that needed to be addressed throughout this client's work accident claim that Attorney Pappas successfully handled. The workers' compensation insurance company attempted to terminate this worker's weekly disabilty checks. Attorney Pappas was successful in having the Court deny the insurer's Complaint to Discontinue the weekly benefits. Also, Attorney Pappas was able to force the insurer to reimburse the injured worker for medical expenses that the injured work had paid herself. 

Attoney Pappas continued to represent this injured worker for years while she recovered from her work injury. Whether it was to answer questions or to provide some guidance, Attorney Pappas made himself avaialble to this injured worker. For this dedication and service, the client expressed her gratitude by sending this very thoughtful Thank You Card. 

Injured Massachusetts Worker's Thank You Card

"Thank you again for all of your help over the last 5 years with my post concussive syndrome. Here's a little something for you to enjoy dinner on me. Thank you Again"

- Michelle R. - Hudson, MA