IME Scheduled in Massachusetts Workers' Compensation CaseAfter a worker is hurt on the job in Massachusetts and their injuries prevent them from returning to work to earn their wages, the injured worker is eligible for weekly disability benefits from workers’ compensation. In many cases, workers’ compensation will voluntarily pay disability benefits to the injured worker after they are unable to return to work for 5 or more days. The weekly disability payments are typically paid voluntarily and without prejudice after an injured worker is out of work for 5 or more days. In other cases, liability may be established and the workers’ compensation insurer must pay weekly disability benefits to the inured worker.

When an injured worker is receiving weekly disability benefits from workmen’s compensation in Massachusetts, the workers’ compensation insurer, from time to time, schedules the worker to be examined by an independent medical examiner. This is commonly referred to as an IME. The IME is an examination by a doctor hired and paid for by the insurance company.

So, what happens if an injured worker doesn’t attend the scheduled IME? If the injured worker fails or refuses to attend the scheduled IME, the insurance company may suspend the payment of weekly disability benefits. Furthermore, the injured worker’s compensation during the period of suspension may be forfeited under the laws of the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Act.

Thus, it is very important to make arrangements to attend an IME when it is scheduled by the insurance company. Our Framingham workers’ compensation lawyers have vast experience helping injured workers in Massachusetts with workers’ compensation claims. If you were hurt on the job and have received a notice from the insurance company to attend an IME, you should speak with a qualified Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced lawyer will be able to answer your questions and provide you proper guidance to protect your rights to workers’ compensation.

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