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Every day since your accident has been filled with worry rather than relief. You’re lucky to be alive after what you’ve suffered, and the insurance company seems willing to work with you on your debts. However, the medical bills are still piling up, you don’t know if you can go back to work, and you may need regular hospital treatment for the rest of your life. If you can’t begin to tally the costs of the accident, how can you accept a settlement without worrying that the money will run out?

Our Construction Site Injury Lawyers Can Get You a Fair Settlement for Your Injuries

The costs of a construction accident can extend far beyond your initial injuries. Your recovery may last for months—or even years—and you may not be able to work in the same capacity or earn the same living as before. Many victims develop depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems as a result of the accident and the financial distress it has caused.

Our firm’s partners, Joseph M. Mahaney and Charles S. Pappas, understand what you are going through. We routinely handle complex construction accident cases that involve insurers, landowners, employers, and other parties who attempt to deny fair payment to injured workers. We have helped others get the compensation they deserved for the emotional and physical suffering of a construction injury, allowing them to continue their recovery without worrying about the costs.

Our Construction Site Injury Lawyers Can Help Victims Recover for Many Different Types of Injuries, including:

  • Serious falls. Slips, trips, and falls from heights cause many deadly construction accidents each year. A fall from a ladder, roof, open floor, or other platform can cause broken bones, paralysis, or life-threatening head trauma. A fall due to improper safeguards (such as a lack of railings) can prevent a worker from earning a living, while at the same time increasing medical costs and dependence on his family.
  • Falling items. Even if a worker wears his hard hat, falling objects and flying debris can still cause head and facial injuries. Beams, buckets, tools, and other materials can reach terminal velocity before striking a worker, causing traumatic brain injury. Glass and metal fragments that are being cut or sharpened can break loose, causing deep facial lacerations and puncture wounds.
  • Structure collapse. Workers rely on building codes and safety compliance as they walk through half-finished structures. Contractor negligence can cause scaffolding, roofs, floors, or cranes to collapse, injuring or killing workers above and below the collapse.
  • Shocks and burns. Workers will often suffer electrocution, sudden explosions, and fires on job sites due to faulty power lines. Electrical shocks can cause permanent neurological damage, while burn trauma can cause scarring, disfigurement, and emotional distress.
  • Defective machinery. Nearly any piece of equipment on a construction site has the potential to malfunction, causing crushing injuries, impalement, or amputation. Not only will workers have to undergo painful surgeries, they may permanently lose their ability to walk, run, or perform fine work.
  • Exposure injuries. Some injuries occur gradually over time rather than in a single incident. Workers can suffer illness or injury due to contact with a toxic chemical, radiation and eye trauma from arc welding, or exposure to another harmful substance.
  • Car accidents. Any worker who is injured while driving a company or commercial vehicle in Massachusetts has a right to collect workers’ compensation. In some cases, workers may even be able to pursue a case against the at-fault driver, getting compensation for pain and suffering as well as lost income.

What Kinds of Payments Could You Collect for Your Injuries?

There are many different types of benefits available to help injured employees. First, there is workers’ compensation, which will pay for your medical bills and give you a portion of your wages while you are unable to work. There are also many forms of disability benefits if you are permanently unable to perform the work you used to do after you have healed. Finally, an accident that was caused by a negligent third party (such as a subcontractor) could be eligible for a liability claim, which offers payments for pain and suffering and future loss of income.

If you have been injured on a job site or have lost a member of your family due to a construction accident, you should speak to an attorney right away to find out your legal options. Call Mahaney & Pappas, LLP, today at our toll-free number and we will get back to you promptly to begin your free initial consultation.

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