Motorcycle Accident in MassachusettsA motorcycle accident can be devastating for the rider and his family. Injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents are often serious and life threatening.  Family and friends are left to manage medical decisions, mounting medical bills, loss of income, and loss of companionship.  Add to that calls from insurance companies looking for statements as to how the accident happened with the point of denying coverage or placing blame elsewhere. 

Motorcycle accident victims need expert legal advice as soon as possible.  Our accident and injury lawyers at the Framingham based injury law firm Mahaney Pappas, LLP have extensive experience in representing accident victims of motorcycle crashes from the initial stages of the accident all the way through settlement.  Having experienced accident attorneys involved early can relieve you and your family from the overwhelming tasks and stress post-accident.

Injury Claims from Motorcycle Accidents are Unique

Personal injury claims from motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts can differ from the typical car accident claims in several ways. The differences are due to the unique nature of motorcycles, insurance coverage issues, common defenses raised by insurance carriers, and the potential for different types of injuries.

It is always advisable for motorcycle accident victims in Massachusetts to consult with an attorney experienced in handling motorcycle accident claims. Having an experienced legal team will allow accident victims to understand their rights, navigate the legal process, and seek appropriate compensation for their injuries and damages.

Below are some specific actions and issues that an experienced Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorney can handle for accident victims to make sure they recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages.

Crash Scene Investigation: Our office can immediately investigate the crash scene with our investigators and experts. Our injury lawyers’ experience and the expertise of our experts allow us to analyze vital evidence, such as skid marks, road gouges, road marks, along with factors such as visibility, sun glare, distractions, road defects. A thorough investigation and experts’ review of the crash scene and evidence is vital to a successful handling of a motorcycle accident case. A proper investigation will also identify all possible tortfeasors.  

Accident Reconstruction: Our Framingham personal injury attorneys at Mahaney Pappas, LLP regularly employ accident reconstruction experts when dealing with complex issues surrounding motorcycle crashes.  Our experts use time tested calculations, the laws of physics, and engineering principles to present and establish that the other party was negligent and how the accident was not the motorcycle rider’s fault.

Deal With Insurance Claims and Adjusters: From our experience handling and specializing in accident cases in Massachusetts, motorcycle accidents are the most scrutinized accidents, especially when you are operating a fast, powerful motorcycle.  Our skilled and experienced injury lawyers can take control of the information the insurance company seeks and is provided.  We will handle all communications with the insurance companies and when necessary, prepare you for any statements taken so that you don’t unknowingly hurt your case.

Handle Insurance Documents and Other Paperwork: You can be easily overwhelmed with countless documents from two, and even more insurance companies, depending on the nature of the accident. Our office will take that burden off you. You won’t have to worry about lengthy, confusing insurance documents, allowing you to focus on healing. Also, we protect our clients by making sure they do not inadvertently sign any forms or documents from the at-fault insurance company that may be detrimental to a motorcycle accident case.

Get Medical Experts Involved: The injury lawyers at Mahaney Pappas, LLP work with many medical experts from all medical specialties to analyze the full extent of your injury, pain and suffering, resulting disability, and long-term prognosis.  Every aspect of your injury is examined to ensure that the damages you suffered, and will suffer in the future, are properly presented to the insurance company. If necessary, we will arrange for and obtain a medical narrative report that details the treatment history and documents any permanent impairment that often result from a motorcycle accident.

Retain Economic Experts: Our attorneys have economic experts available to evaluate and assess the financial losses suffered when motorcycle accident victims are unable to return to work to earn wages or when they are left with a permanent disability. If you are a young individual who suffered a life altering injury, we make sure that any future loss earning capacity is properly calculated and presented on your behalf. This ensures that accident victims pursue and recovery full and fair compensation in motorcycle accident cases.

Mental Health Experts May Be Necessary: The trauma suffered from a motorcycle accident can be so traumatic that one is left with long-lasting emotional problems. We use mental health experts to testify about your emotional health, including anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. They can explain how the accident will affect your ability to function in the future at home and/or work.

Handle and Negotiate Medical Bills and Liens: Medical bills can quickly climb beyond any insurance coverage available in an accident. The personal injury lawyers and team members at Mahaney Pappas, LLP, will work to ensure all medical bills have been addressed when the case is concluded. Additionally, our team will get involved if our clients receive calls and/or letters from bill collectors and collection agencies for outstanding or unpaid medical bills. Our law office will also address and negotiate any medical bill liens or health insurance liens.

Take Legal Action When Necessary: Our injury attorneys are skilled negotiators who have handled thousands of personal injury cases. Not all cases settle during a bodily injury claim with the insurance company. Sometimes, it is necessary to take legal action by filing a personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts against the negligent party. Our Framingham personal injury lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience in litigation and trials in both Massachusetts and Federal courts. We have successfully represented many accident victims in all types of motor vehicle accidents and offer accident victims qualified and skillful legal representation. 

Discover Your Legal Options as Soon as Possible

If a motorcyclist was struck and injured by another careless or negligent driver, they have the right in Massachusetts to bring a personal injury claim against the responsible party to recover compensation for the economic and noneconomic losses and damages caused by the motorcycle crash.

Generally, the personal injury claim is made through the negligent party’s auto insurance company. However, as discussed above, some circumstances require a personal injury lawsuit to be filed against the negligent party. This is where the motorcycle accident victim takes legal action against the other driver in Court in pursuit of full and fair compensation.

There are, however, many ancillary aspects to handling a personal injury claim as set forth above. Having an experienced legal team on your side with a team of experts will put the accident victim in the best possible position to recover the compensation they deserve for the injuries and financial losses sustained in a motorcycle crash.

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