The Guide to Handling Your Commercial Truck Injury Case

When a truck driver’s negligence causes a crash that leaves you seriously injured, you need a personal injury lawyer who knows the trucking industry inside and out. At Mahaney & Pappas, LLP, we make it our business to understand how commercial trucking companies operate and to be aware of the many ways owners and drivers shirk their duty to keep you safe. We want you to be armed with that same information, so request a complimentary copy of Attorney Joe Mahaney’s truck accident guide today!

What You’ll Learn About Truck Accident Cases

Suing a truck driver and his employer is a major undertaking. It requires command of federal trucking regulations and a working knowledge of the mechanical failures and operator mistakes that can cause a catastrophic accident. When you read this comprehensive guide, you will learn about:

  • Federal regulations for commercial trucks
  • Establishing trucker liability
  • Truck components and how they fail
  • How truck accidents are investigated
  • Defenses the truck driver’s legal team will use
  • How a trucking negligence jury trial works

We believe that an educated client is a successful client, and the information contained in this guide will help you partner with us to secure the best possible resolution for your truck accident case.

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