Here is an example of a motorcycle accident case that our office handled.  In the fall of 2015 a client of ours was riding a motorcycle in Northbridge, Massachusetts.  He came to a stop at a red light on Main Street at a four-way intersection.  A car stopped at the red light directly across from our client.  When the light turned green our client continued riding his motorcycle straight.  The car that was stopped opposite him quickly turned left right in front of the motorcycle and crashed into it. Our client was thrown from his motorcycle and struck his knee on the handlebars causing injuries to his knee and back. 

Our client was examined by a doctor and diagnosed with a knee injury as well as a significant back strain.  This client was referred to an orthopedic doctor, who ordered an MRI of his knee.  The MRI revealed a small partial tear of the lateral meniscus.  Fortunately for our client, he did not need surgery.  The orthopedic doctor suggested physical therapy.  After a two month conservative course of physical therapy, our client recovered from his knee injury.  

The medical bills in this case were not very significant and totaled approximately $4,800.00.  The knee injury, however, kept our client out of work for a few weeks.  This client was a member of the carpenters union and earned good money.  Mahaney & Pappas are experienced in representing union workers and know how to properly calculate lost wages taking into consideration the fringe benefits earned by union employees.  Aside from the other damages sought in this case, the claim for lost wages was important in obtaining a significant settlement despite the low medical bills.

After diligent preparations of this claim and thorough negotiations with the insurance company for the other at-fault driver, our office was able to settle this case for $34,000.00. 



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