Reasons why you need an attorney after being seriously injured in Massachusetts.

Being seriously injured in a car accident is a very frustrating experience. Most people don’t normally anticipate being involved in a crash, but unfortunately motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence. Accident victims may not know what to do afterward and begin to inform themselves and research what they should do only after they have been injured in an accident.

The accident and injury process can be overwhelming and present many complex legal challenges. Things only get more complicated when the insurance companies deny or minimize your injuries and damages. This is when car accident victims often find themselves in court fighting for the compensation they deserve. Accident victims in Massachusetts should know what an experienced personal injury lawyer can do for them. At Mahaney & Pappas, LLP, we dedicate our knowledge, skills and experience to helping victims of motor vehicle accidents get the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses. This article details why having an experienced personal injury lawyer is important for accident victims in Massachusetts.

Why Having an Experienced Car Accident Attorney on Your Side is Important

An experienced accident attorney will put you in the best possible position to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses after being seriously injured in a crash. A personal injury lawyer will be able to explain and handle the often confusing and complicated personal injury process in Massachusetts. A qualified injury attorney will have the skills and experience necessary to protect your rights and fight for you, which will allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries without having to deal with the complex legal and insurance issues that frequently arise in a personal injury claim.  Here are a few reasons why hiring a lawyer can be beneficial:

Accident Investigation: The investigation into a motor vehicle accident is crucial for any personal injury claim. There are facts and evidence which must be obtained soon after a crash which may have a major impact on any case. For instance, photographs of the accident scene, witnesses and motor vehicle crash reports are all important things that should be obtained soon after an accident. An experienced attorney will know how to quickly obtain police reports, locate and speak with witnesses, and collect the relevant photos that will help sustain an accident victim’s burden in a personal injury case. Sometimes, witnesses move and can be hard to track down and evidence may disappear (e.g., skid marks fade and vehicles get fixed). Failing to take quick action and investigate a crash may result in being unable to obtain compelling and helpful evidence that will help you in your case.

Determine Liable Parties / Insurance Companies: Sometimes, determining who is responsible or liable for an accident can be difficult. Remember, the responsible party (and his/her insurance company) will be the one who will compensate you for your injuries and losses. In some accidents, determining who’s responsible can be difficult. Multi-vehicle crashes often present complicated legal issues and commercial trucking accidents often have several different parties and companies involved. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able identify the responsible parties and their auto insurance companies to make sure you can pursue the compensation you deserve.

Knowledge of the Law & Insurance: Important attributes an experience injury lawyer offers accident victims is their knowledge of the law and insurance coverage. A skilled and experienced attorney will know what legal steps to take and the concepts that apply to your personal injury case. Knowledge of the law offers accident victims legal protections that may otherwise not be known or available. For instance, knowing the time limitations within which an accident victim must file a claim or lawsuit (known as the statute of limitations) is extremely important. A knowledgeable attorney will know what to do and where to look for additional insurance coverage (e.g., uninsured or underinsured auto insurance coverage) in the event the driver that caused the accident doesn’t have any or enough insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuries and losses. Also, you should consider hiring an attorney that is an experienced litigator. In some cases, filing a lawsuit is necessary. At that point, your accident case is not just an insurance claim, but a civil lawsuit. Lawsuits are an entirely different animal in the personal injury process and require the skills and experience of a qualified litigator.

Knowing the Value of Your Case: A personal injury attorney that has the experience in handling motor vehicle accidents will be able to properly evaluate your case and determine the accurate and realistic value of your injuries and losses. Too many times we have met with accident victims who attempt to handle their personal injury claim themselves. Most times there are no problems. But, often, an accident victim may not understand or be able to determine the true value of their case. For example, we represented a woman from Marlborough, MA who was injured in a car accident. She initially attempted to handle her own claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company.  After she grew frustrated from the run-around she got from the insurance company, she contacted us.  She was trying to get double her medical bills (roughly $6,000) to compensate her for her injuries. The insurance company refused to pay her what she wanted. However, it was a good thing she came to see us, because we saw her case entirely different and much more significant.  Although she did not have a lot of medical bills, the accident left her with a scar on her face.  Long story short, we took over the case and filed a lawsuit immediately. Following thorough and methodical litigation and negotiations, we were able to obtain a $90,000 settlement for this woman.

Negotiating a Settlement: The negotiation and settlement process can be very complicated for motor vehicle accident claims. Knowing how much to demand and which offers are reasonable come with knowledge and experience. An experienced attorney will have the skills to negotiate a favorable settlement in your case and anticipate and address any arguments or evidence presented by the insurance company that could negatively impact your case. Furthermore, a lawyer will know what actions to take if the auto insurance company is being unreasonable and refusing to offer a fair and realistic settlement. Additionally, an attorney experienced with handling and negotiating accident cases knows the various methods of settling accident cases. For example, an accident attorney will know when, how and whether to mediate or arbitrate your case or whether to take your case to trial.

How Mahaney & Pappas, LLP Can Help You

The attorneys and staff at Mahaney & Pappas, LLP dedicate their time, skills and knowledge to helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve. Some attorneys or law firms may not be willing to devote their time or money to helping people after a crash when the insurance companies make it difficult to obtain fair and reasonable compensation. Many times, we have successfully taken over personal injury cases from other law firms in Massachusetts who have failed or refused to take the necessary legal actions to get their clients the money they deserve for their injuries.

We offer accident victims peace of mind when we are retained to represent people injured in motor vehicle accidents. Our office will handle all of the legal aspects of your personal injury claim, including the investigation, coordinating medical bill payments, negotiating with the insurance companies and filing a lawsuit if necessary. This offers accident victims with serious injuries the time to focus on recovering from their injuries and taking care of themselves and their families.

Additionally, our years of experience and knowledge of insurance coverage and the law allow us to assess each accident to determine the true value of a personal injury case. This way, you will know how much you are entitled to so you can make an informed decision whether to settle your case or proceed to a jury trial.

We understand that when people are seriously injured in a car accident, they may be out of work losing wages and may be incurring medical bills. This is why we accept personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that our legal fee is contingent upon being successful in your case and getting you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. As part of our contingent fee agreement we will also pay the costs of pursuing your personal injury claim and/or your litigation expenses up front and you are only required to reimburse us after we settle or obtain a jury verdict in your case. These contingent fee agreements allow you to hire an experienced personal injury attorney without having to come up with a deposit or retainer.

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