personal injury attorneyBeing seriously injured in an accident is a very stressful and traumatizing event. Car crashes can be particularly traumatic. Other personal injury cases, such as a slip and fall, dog bite or construction accidents can be extremely hectic and stressful. No matter what type of accident you were injured in, a lot of people are going to want to talk to you about it. It is best not to talk about your pending personal injury case. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t discuss your case.

Accidents and Injuries are Usually Juicy Topics People Like to Talk About

If you watch the local news in Massachusetts on any given day there is almost always at least one story about a serious car accident or a catastrophic accident that caused serious injuries or even death. Of course these news stories are extremely sad, but are news worthy topics that draw attention.

Also, when someone is seriously hurt in an accident almost everyone they know, including family, friends and co-workers, will want to talk to them about what happened. In this day and age, a lot of people will reach out to someone on social media. This includes reaching out to someone about an accident and injuries.

No matter how someone reaches out to you after an accident, you shouldn’t discuss the facts and/or circumstances of your accident or injuries.

Your Comments or Statements About Your Accident Could Harm Your Case

With personal injury cases, the injured party seeking compensation has the burden of proving that the other person was negligent to obtain financial compensation. For instance, if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you must establish that the other driver that hit you operated his car negligently. Similarly, if you are injured in a slip and fall on snow and ice, you must prove that the property owner was negligent in failing to remove and treat the snow and ice of the property.

No matter what type of accident you were involved in, proving negligence is not an easy task. Insurance companies employ trained adjusters that are skilled and proficient at finding reasons to either deny a claim or place blame on the injured party.

You should not discuss your accident on social media or with others. Discussing your case with others or on social media could provide an insurance company with the evidence they need to deny your claim. We probably all think that our conversations are private. The conversation you have with someone about your accident or statements made on social media could be used against you.

Insurance companies constantly use investigation tactics to try and discover information about the claim and accident. A person you spoke with could be interviewed by and investigator and even called to court to testify. Statements made on social media could be used against you if they contradict certain aspects of your claim or case.

It is best to only discuss your accident and injuries with your lawyer. Your communication with your personal injury attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege.  

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