Rear-end collision

Being involved in a rear-end collision cannot only be a nuisance, but injuries sustained in the accident can be extremely devastating. Top Framingham personal injury attorneys at Mahaney & Pappas discuss in the article below.

Causes of Massachusetts Rear-End Accidents

Most of the time, rear-end collisions are out of your control and you don’t anticipate them happening. We have all seen cars on the Mass Pike or 128 causing traffic because of a rear-end accident. A lot of times, there are no injuries, but a lot of grief that goes along with the accident. For instance, the accident may cause you to be late to work or your car may need to be towed.  But, in other situations, a rear-end collision can cause very serious injuries to drivers and passengers. Trust us, the injuries are much more difficult to deal with than being late to work. Injuries suffered in car crashes can result in very expensive medical bills, lost time at work, and serious pain and suffering. Injuries can happen even if the impact of the rear-end accident wasn’t too serious. Though there may be little damage to the cars involved, the abrupt motion of your head being forced forward and snapping back can cause severe injuries to the muscles, tendons, and discs in your neck and back.

Tips to Avoid Rear-End Collisions

In an effort to avoid a rear-end collision, remember to continually check your mirrors.  As a driver, it is recommended that you check your mirrors every five to eight seconds.  You should also always check your mirror when you are stopping.  Checking your mirrors will allow you to make sure the vehicle behind you is also stopping. In addition, you should always identify an escape route.  As you slow to a stop, identify a shoulder, sidewalk, other lane, breakdown lane, or any other safe route you could take to avoid a car crash from behind.  Lastly, make sure you leave plenty of room to stop.  A rear-end collision is commonly caused by a vehicle stopping too quickly.  This will ensure that you’re giving the driver behind you proper notice to stop as well.

Unfortunately, not all rear-end collisions are avoidable, especially in the winter.  Massachusetts winters are notorious for snow and ice accumulation. While most drivers blame the snow and ice for being unable to stop, the driver is usually considered to have been negligent for not driving carefully in the snow and ice and rear-ending another car. This is why extra precaution is needed when driving in the snow.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a rear-end accident, it is important to speak with a car accident attorney.  A rear-end collision can cause complex insurance claims. There are two main factors that are considered in an injury claim from a rear-end accident.  These factors are liability and damages. 

Liability After a Rear-End Car Accident

Liability is the state of being legally responsible for an act. A negligent driver is a driver who failed to use proper and reasonable judgment and care.  So, if a driver is found to have been negligent in the operation of their car, they will be held liable for causing the accident. For example, as stated above, if a car was traveling too fast in the snow, did not stop in time at a traffic light, and struck the car in front of them, then they are usually considered negligent and liable for the damages they caused. 

The damages are the injuries suffered and the financial consequences the accident victim incurs.  The most common injuries caused by a rear-end crash include concussions, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and back or spinal injuries. Expensive medical bills for treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering can all result from suffering these types of injuries in a rear-end accident. Trying to get fair compensation for these damages is not always easy. This is why it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer after an accident. 

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A personal injury lawyer can help you deal with insurance companies, coordinate payments of medical bills, and pursue the best maximum financial settlement possible. This allows accident victims peace of mind and the ability to focus on healing. Contact our experienced Massachusetts car accident attorneys today for a consultation regarding your claim.

Remember to drive safe this winter!

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