Massachusetts Trucking Accident Settlement Following lengthy, meticulous, and thorough personal injury litigation, our Framingham accident lawyers secured a $3,500,000 settlement for our client who suffered severe injuries in a horrific accident.

This case is a perfect example of the complexities of commercial trucking law and litigation in Massachusetts. It also highlights our injury law firm’s knowledge and experience in Massachusetts commercial trucking litigation to get accident victims the compensation they deserve.  

Summary of the Accident & Injuries

On a pleasant June evening, our 51-year-old client, a father and husband, was driving his car in Boston, Massachusetts and approached a red light at a four-way intersection. He came to a complete stop at the red light. As he was stopped, a tow truck towing a commercial trailer was taking a right-hand turn through that intersection at a high rate of speed. This negligent maneuver caused the trailer being towed to tip over onto our client’s vehicle crushing him as he sat in the driver’s seat. 

Emergency responders were called, and they immediately rushed to the scene of the accident. The damage to our client’s car was so significant, the jaws of life were required to extricate him from his vehicle.  Due to his obvious and serious injuries, paramedics rushed our client to a Boston hospital. After a prompt evaluation by medical professionals at the emergency department, he was admitted to the trauma surgery intensive care unit (the “ICU”). In the ICU, it was discovered that our client suffered severe lacerations to his liver and spleen, gallbladder injuries, fractured ribs and arm, injuries to his pelvis, numerous injuries to his intestines and stomach among many other injuries.

Several trauma surgeons were called in. Numerous surgeries were performed, including gastrointestinal surgeries. Our client spent months in the hospital undergoing numerous additional surgeries and treatment for his internal injuries. Eventually, our client made a great recovery.

Overview of the Accident Litigation & Settlement

This accident involved numerous parties and commercial entities, such as the commercial tow truck, the commercial trailer, and the trailer manufacturer. The initial investigation of this accident was crucial to its successful resolution. Determining all potential defendants and locating all necessary evidence in this accident was immediately commenced by our accident attorneys. 

Our injury attorneys retained and worked closely with many experts during the personal injury litigation. Professional mechanical engineers and an accredited traffic accident reconstructionist were retained to investigate and reconstruct the crash as well as evaluate the sufficiency of the trailer design. These experts were vital to filing the personal injury lawsuit in Boston, Massachusetts to include all potential defendants responsible for the crash and our client’s injuries. These experts were also essential to establish negligence on the part of the commercial defendants in this case.

In addition, throughout the litigation, we engaged and worked with a respected economist and a gastroenterologist expert to highlight and explain the extent of the injuries and damages our client suffered. The economist was key to evaluating our client’s lost wages and future lost earnings to assess the economic losses this accident caused. The medical expert meticulously outlined the complex injuries our client suffered and opined as to his disability and need for future medical treatment.

Prior to trial, our Framingham injury lawyers and all defendants agreed to mediation. Following lengthy negotiations over the course of days and faced with insurmountable evidence, our office obtained a $3,500,000 settlement for our client and his family.