Framingham car accident attorneyA spinal cord injury suffered in a car accident or motorcycle accident is one of the most life changing injuries that we have come across in all the personal injury cases we handle.  This is because a spinal cord injury can be irreversible and cause permanent disability.  The impact of this type of injury to the accident victim’s quality of life and his family is traumatic.

Auto accidents (car, motorcycle or truck) cause more than 40% of new spinal cord injuries each year.  The type of spinal cord injuries we have handled in the context of a personal injury case include, fractures, dislocations, crushing and/or compression injuries to the vertebrae in the neck and back.  Vertebrae bruises and/or tears in the spinal cord cause damage to the nerve cells.  Damage to these nerve cells disrupts the messages from the brain to rest of the body.  This is what causes total or partial loss of movement (better known as paralysis) and feeling in the body. 

Back Injuries Following a Car Accident

A high-speed car crash can cause serious neck and back injuries.  The force from these violent impacts can cause significant damage to the nerve cells in the spine.  In some situations, damage to the spinal nerves in the neck can result in paralysis of the chest, arms, and legs.  Damage to the thoracic or lumbar area, which is lower down on the spine, can result in paralysis of the legs and lower body.  Some recovery of feeling and movement may return after the injury.  Recovery from these injuries depends on a number of factors, such as, the level of the injury and the strength of your muscles. 

After someone suffers a traumatic spinal cord injury in an auto accident, loved ones are overwhelmed.  The accident victim and his or her family members are often extremely concerned about the extent of the injury and their future.  Numerous questions arise, like: Will he ever walk again? Will he be able to work? Will he be able to play with his children?  These injuries are so traumatic and can forever change a family’s life.  With an injury as significant as a spinal cord injury, families want experienced doctors to help their loved one make the best recovery possible.

Likewise, after an auto accident, family members want an experienced law office to handle the legal aspect of the accident. Treatment and rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries can be extremely expensive. Spinal cord injuries often prevent the accident victim from working, which results in significant lost wages.  This leaves families unable to pay the household bills.  Aside from the bills, loved ones wonder how they will be able to afford the necessary medical treatment for these injuries so they can try to make the make the best recovery possible.

Our Expert Attorneys Will Fight to Get the Compensation You Deserve

That’s where we come in.  Our office has extensive experience in helping accident victims and their families get financial compensation for the medical bills and expenses incurred in treatment and rehabilitation from spinal cord injuries.  We also help victim’s pursue compensation for lost wages incurred from all the time out of work due to the injury and recovery time.  Our vast knowledge of automobile insurance and expert litigation skills afford accident victims and their family quality legal representation to seek compensation for the damages they suffered from the accident.  The insurance companies are not going to make it easy.  They realize how significant spinal cord injuries are and try to minimize the severity of the injury so they can try to pay accident victim's less money.  We know what kind of damages to pursue for both the accident vicitm and his or her family and where to look for insurance coverage.

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If a negligent driver caused you to suffer a spinal cord injury, you and your family deserve the maximum amount of compensation allowable.  Contact us to get free information about the legal process and how to seek financial compensation. We can make it happen.

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