After a young woman was injured in a car accident in Framingham, Massachusetts, she turned to Attorney Joe Mahaney for help. Another driver was distracted behind the wheel, ran a stop sign and crashed into her car. She suffered injures in the accident and underwent months of medical treatment. Initially, she attempted to handle her personal injury claim herself. But when the auto insurance company was ignoring her and dismissive of her complaints, she turned to Joe Mahaney. 

Attorney Mahaney took immediate legal action and filed a personal injury lawsuit against the distracted driver. After thorough litigation, Attorney Mahaney settled her case just prior to trial for a satisfying amount. Shortly after the settlement, this client mailed Joe a short, but heartfelt thank you card that read: 

"Thank You Joe, for your kindness and support." 

                                                                                                      framingham personal injury attorney

-Amanda S., Framingham, MA