Hi, meet Helen. She was seriously injured at work in Massachusetts and now Helen doesn't know where to turn to get the help she needs. Helen doesn’t know who will pay her medical bills and, demands are being made from her employer and their insurance company to sign documents she doesn't understand. Her head is pounding with unanswered questions about her legal rights and how she can pay her bills now that she is out of work.


Luckily, a colleague recommended Mahaney & Pappas LLP, Experienced Massachusetts workers compensation attorneys. They helped Helen make all the right moves and avoid common mistakes that could hurt her case and rights to compensation. During the initial consultation which was free, Mahaney & Pappas LLP answered all of Helen’s questions and provided her with peace of mind and the comfort of knowing that she had professional and dedicated attorneys on her side.


With their help Helen was able to effectively claim and receive the full workers compensation benefits she was entitled to and have all her medical bills paid. Best of all, they were able to get her a great lump sum settlement.


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