If you were hurt on the job in Massachusetts, it is important to seek medical attention or see a doctor right away. This serves two very important purposes. Of course, seeing a doctor right away will provide you with the medical attention you need for your injuries. Additionally, this will also document that you were hurt at work and are unable to return to your job to earn your pay - if that is the doctor’s recommendations.

The medical records and notes generated from seeing a doctor will be necessary if you need medical treatment and disability benefits as workers’ comp will require proof of your work-related accident and injury.

More importantly, if the workers' compensation insurance company refuses to pay you the benefits you deserve or denies your claim, medical proof (in the form of medical records or notes) that you were hurt at work and cannot return to work will be required to take necessary legal action.

Our Framingham workers' comp attorneys have helped many injured workers in Massachusetts. In our experience, some workers' compensation insurers will find any reason to deny your claim and refuse to pay benefits. One common tactic is to argue that you may not have been hurt at work because there is no proof. While this is not always the case, many times the insurance companies will try to find reasons not to pay. So, to protect yourself after being hurt at work and seek medical attention as soon as possible even if you think your injures are not that severe. 

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