framingham workers compensation attorneyIn Massachusetts, a worker does not need to be employed for any specific period of time before he or she is covered by workers’ compensation for an injury suffered in a work related accident. An employee is covered and protected by workers’ compensation insurance at the moment he or she is hired.

For example:  Our office represented a young man who was injured on his first day at work. This client accidentally cut his hand with a retractable utility knife. The laceration required five sutures to close the wound. While the injury wasn’t serious enough to keep this new employee out of work, he did incur over $2,000 in medical bills. Because he was employed (even for just one day) and the accident occurred in the course of his employment, he was entitled to workers’ compensation. All of the medical bills were covered by the workers’ compensation medical benefits. Additionally, we were able to secure a significant amount of money for this young man for the scarring that resulted on his hand from this accident.

Have you Been Hurt on the Job in Massachusetts?

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