Attorney Pappas meeting with injury client

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts, chances are you have been searching for a personal injury attorney to help you obtain financial compensation. The Framingham personal injury law office of Mahaney & Pappas, LLP does not charge prospective clients a consultation fee. This includes primary phone discussions about your accident case and/or the initial in-person meeting with our experienced Massachusetts accident attorneys.

If our office accepts your accident claim or case and decides to represent you, we will take your case on a contingent fee basis. This fee arrangement means that our Framingham injury firm’s legal fee is only earned when we successfully recover compensation for you on your accident case. In the event your claim or case is unsuccessful, our office does not earn a legal fee and you will not be charged. Hence the term “contingent” – our legal fee is contingent upon getting you the money you deserve.

Charles S. Pappas
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Massachusetts injury lawyer & workers' compensation attorney serving accident victims in Webster & Framingham.