Our client, a dad heading to work after dropping off his daughter at school, was involved in a massive head-on car accident.  As he was heading south on a two-way street in Weston, Massachusetts, another vehicle heading north was stopped waiting for our client to pass so it could turn left.  A commercial truck also heading north did not see the car stopped waiting to turn until the last minute.  A perfect example of distracted driving.  The commercial truck driver slammed on his brakes and swerved to the left, directly in the path of our client.  The commercial truck hit our client head-on in a violent collision. Our client had to be extricated from his motor vehicle and was rushed to Newton Wellesley Hospital with serious injuries including knee injuries and leg injuries . 

Our client had both right knee and leg surgery, mainly from his slamming his foot on the brake at the last second.   He suffered a fractured fibula just below the knee, fracture patella and significant tears to the ligament surrounding the knee.  Over a year of rehabilitation was required before our client was able to get back to work and begin enjoying his family again.  The case went to mediation and settled for $545,000.     


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