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The winter weather is in full swing here in Massachusetts, and with all the snow and ice comes an increase in motor vehicle accidents. Top Framingham car accident attorneys discuss how to properly handle your car accident claim in the article below.

Snow Storms Are a Major Cause of Massachusetts Car Accidents

The Newton Fire Department reported and responded to more than 12 accidents on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, after the snow storm on Tuesday. Channel 5 ABC reported a 55-car pileup accident on Route 128 northbound in Wakefield, Massachusetts, caused by icy conditions.  Proceeding the accident, about 30 vehicles were towed and 8 people were taken to hospitals.  Fortunately, none suffered from life-threatening injuries. Due to the accident, Interstate 128 was shut down.

Interstate 93 was also a popular denominator in the accidents that occurred on Wednesday morning.  Interstate 93 northbound, in Methuen, was shut down due to a 30-car pileup.  Interstate 93 northbound, in Medford, also suffered from a 7-car pileup accident and there was a 10-car crash in Woburn, Massachusetts on Interstate-93. 

In Melrose, a school bus, carrying students, was involved in a car accident.  The Leverett Connector outbound was also shut down after a major crash.  A 4-car accident occurred on Interstate-495 north in Hopkinton and a tractor trailer rolled over on the Mass Pike eastbound.  Numerous other accidents occurred on Wednesday morning.

The reported cause of these accidents was black ice.  Now that snow has fallen and ice has accumulated, it is critical to drive with caution.  However, some accidents are out of your control.  Common car accidents in the winter include rear-end collisions and T-bone accidents at an intersection.  Both of these car crashes can cause serious injuries, including a back injury or head injury.  Common back injuries include soft tissue, sprained muscle, and herniated discs.  A head injury can be extremely severe; a concussion is a common injury resulting from a car crash.

Assessing Liability in Car Accident Cases

As with any type of car accident, the claim hinges on liability and damages.  Liability is who is at fault for the accident.  The person who is at fault is legally considered to be negligent.  Negligence is defined as acting without reasonable care.  Therefore, even if weather conditions, such as snow or ice, are the main cause of an accident, the driver is still at fault.  When weather conditions are unfavorable, the driver of a car must act with extra caution:  leave enough room between you and the car ahead, pump the brakes to ensure you can stop, and drive slowly.

Damages are the injuries the victim sustained.  The damages contribute to the settlement amount.  In other words, the more severe your injury is, the more you will get compensated for the pain and suffering you went through.

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