framingham workers compensation attorneyIf you’ve been injured on the job in Massachusetts, determining your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company is vital. A worker who suffers an injury in a work-related accident is entitled to certain benefits, depending on the extent of the injury and disability. In order for qualifying workers to obtain these benefits, you must locate and determine the insurance carrier.

Most work-related accidents in Massachusetts get reported right away to the employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company. In many cases, there are usually no issues getting the insurance company to extend medical and/or disability benefits. However, in other circumstances, the accident and injuries, for a variety of reason, are not reported right away. This can cause serious problems for injured workers, which is why you need to determine who the insurance company is as soon as possible after an accident on the job.

Where to Look to Find Your Employer’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company

Section 21 of the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Act (M.G.L. c. 152) requires that every employer give written or printed notice to all persons under contract of hire that they have provided for payment to injured employees by the insurer, or by self-insurance. Generally, employers post the notice of the workers’ compensation insurer in an area at work where the employees may access and be able to gather the necessary information when needed after a work-related accident. The notices typically obtain the name of the insurance company, the policy number and the effective dates of the insurance policy.

In the event an employer does not have the required notice to employees posted somewhere accessible to all employees at work, the employee should ask their employer or human resources department for the name of the insurance company and other necessary information.

If the injured worker is still unable to obtain the insurance company information, they may obtain it and verify coverage by searching online. The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents has a website with a search tool that offers injured workers the ability to search for and verify their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. Injured workers may also call the Office of Insurance at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents to get this information.

One sure way to determine your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company information is to contact an experienced Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer or law office who regularly handles workers’ compensation claims in Massachusetts will be able to find out who the workers’ compensation insurance company is and protect your rights to the benefits you deserve for injuries suffered in an accident on the job.

Consequences of Being Unable to Determine the Workers’ Compensation Insurer

After suffering serious injuries on the job, if you are unable to determine the insurance company the consequences can be severe. Accidents on the job are almost always very stressful events. Injured workers may be trying to get the necessary medical attention they need for their injuries, are worrying about how they are going to pay their bills and support their family if they cannot return to work and are usually concerned about their job security. Being unable to determine the workers’ compensation insurance company only adds to the stress and can result in significant delays in obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. For example, medical bills may go unpaid and risk being sent to collections, the worker may not be able to get the medical treatment they need, or the worker is unable to work and not receiving any benefits to make up for the lost wages.

These examples are prime reasons why an injured worker needs to know who their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company is and the process of a Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim.

If, after diligent searches, you determine that your employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance, you may still be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. The claim can be filed against The Workers' Compensation Trust Fund in Massachusetts. For more information on the trust fund, you should read: Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation in Massachusetts if my Employer Doesn't Have Insurance Coverage?

Benefits Available to Injured Workers from Workers’ Compensation

If an injury on the job results in the employee being unable to return to work, he or she is entitled to disability benefits from workers’ compensation. The disability benefits are weekly checks to replace a portion of the wages the injured worker loses because of the injuries they suffered on the job. These weekly disability benefits include temporary total disability benefits, temporary partial disability benefits and permanent and total disability benefits.

Additionally, when a worker is injured on the job and the injuries require medical attention and treatment, there are medical benefits from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer that will cover the cost of the treatment.

These benefits are crucial for an injured worker, which is why to obtain or fight for the benefits you deserve, you must first determine your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.

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