One of the biggest mistakes that I see in dealing with personal injury cases is when an injured person tries to handle the matter themselves.  It comes from the initial contact with the insurance adjuster who comes across as your friend, that they are truly interested in your case.  An insurance adjuster is not your friend.  They are trained at taking statements, looking for ways to say the accident was your fault or that you were responsible in some way. 

Giving a statement without the advice of counsel can be devastating for your case.  Innocent statement surrounding the events of the accident can come back to haunt you as the case progresses.  An insurance company will try to discount the value your case or deny liability outright based on earlier statements you made.  Don’t fall prey to these insurance practices.

Aside from representing our clients, our mission is to educate our clients as to the process as well.  Why is that important?  Because we’re all on the same page.  It’s important that our clients know how insurance companies view cases; how they value cases; how to avoid mistakes and to put your best case forward; how to communicate with medical providers; how to handle problems that arise with payment of medical bills and so on.

When you are dealing with an insurance company you are no longer Jim Jones or Mary Smith.  You’re simply a claim number.  You are one of a hundred cases that particular adjuster is dealing with.

Chuck and I have the experience and tools to handle the most complex issues.  At Mahaney & Pappas you are not a number. 

Knowing how to prepare and present your case is the difference between accepting and maximizing the money you deserve for you injuries. 

Joseph M. Mahaney
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Injury lawyer serving car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims in Webster and Framingham, Massachusetts.