In a lot of cases where an employee is injured on the job in Massachusetts and is treating for his or her injuries or receiving workers' compensation disability benefits they may need to submit to an independent medical exam (IME). An IME is a medical examination set up by the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 152 § 45 governs IMEs, which states in part: “After an employee has received an injury, and from time to time thereafter during the continuance of his disability he shall, if requested by the insurer or insured, submit to an examination by a registered physician, furnished and paid for by the insurer or the insured.” Because this statute provides the legal right to the insurance company to have an injured worker examined by one of the insurance company’s doctors, the injured worker must attend the examination or any disability benefits may be suspended and possibly forfeited.

Now to answer the question of whether an injured worker can get a copy of his or her IME report.  Yes, in Massachusetts an injured employee who submits to an IME has the right to obtain a copy of the IME report. There are workers’ compensation laws in Massachusetts that require the workers’ compensation insurance company to provide a copy of the IME report to the injured worker or his or her attorney.

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