framingham car accident attorneyThe fall season is a favorite for many. The cooler temperatures, the beautiful fall foliage and football season are all reason that many of us enjoy the fall. But, what may be surprising is that the fall season can cause many serious car accidents. In the fall, there are many unpredictable conditions and changes that contribute the accident and injuries. Some factors that contribute to crashes are slippery roadways, darker roads due to less daylight and an increase in traffic.

While we cannot control weather conditions or another person’s driving, we can control what we do after being seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. If you were injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, you should speak with an experienced Massachusetts car accident attorney. An experienced lawyer will protect your rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Factors that Contribute to Motor Vehicle Accidents in the Fall

In the fall, weather conditions can be very unpredictable. The transition from summer into fall can cause bright, sunny mornings and afternoons to quickly turn into dark, rainy and cold evenings and nights. The roads tend to be more wet with the rain water not drying due to cooler temperatures and less sun. Also, the falling leaves mixed with the wet roadways cause more slippery conditions. There are many reasons for crashes, but here are three major factors that contribute to car accidents in the fall:

Increase in Traffic

We all know that fall is Back-to-School time. This means more cars on the roads with parents and families driving their kids to and from school each day and the many buses picking students up and dropping off each day. This significantly increases traffic on the roads. Pedestrian traffic also increases with students walking to and from school. The increase in traffic, frequent stops by buses, fall weather changes and careless drivers can be a dangerous mix. Drivers need to be very careful during this time of year.

Fall Foliage

The fall, especially here in Massachusetts, is known for its beautiful foliage. The leaves turn all sorts of colors and are amazing to look at. In fact, a common tradition in the fall in Massachusetts and other states in New England is to take a drive on some scenic roadways with the family to see some foliage. Towns like Dover, Walpole, Lincoln and Lexington have been listed by many as some of the best fall foliage sights in greater Boston. The dangers that the fall foliage can presents is that it can distract drivers from the roadway and traffic. Don’t forget, distracted driving is a major cause of accidents. It was estimated that from 2010-2014, distracted driving caused nearly 4.5 million car accidents. So, if you are out for a drive to view the foliage, make sure you pay extra attention to the traffic, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Weather Changes

After a hot, sweltering summer the fall can bring some weather relief. The days seem to be shorter and the temperatures drop. This means that we have less natural light causing us to drive in darker conditions. Also, the colder temperatures and darker conditions cause the roads to remain wet and slippery much longer after the rain than they would be in the summer time. The wet roads with the falling leaves create a very dangerous, slippery condition for drivers. Also, the colder mornings with wet roads lead to frost and icy patches on the roads. Normally, the fall is too early for the states, cities and towns to salt the roadways. This leads to dangerous conditions if drivers are not careful. As you can see, the fall brings a variety of and many unpredictable weather conditions. Drivers must be very vigilant at this time of year.

Make the Right Decisions After Being Injured in a Crash

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are when driving, we cannot always avoid being in an accident. As you can see from the above factors, there are many reasons why accidents happen. The speed of cars and dangerous conditions can make car crashes unavoidable. Although we cannot control how other drivers drive, we can control the actions and decisions we take after being hurt in an automobile accident.

If you, or someone you care about, have been seriously injured in a crash, you should consult with an experienced accident attorney. Serious injuries suffered in car accidents can result in substantial medical bills, missed time at work and serious pain and suffering. You should take the right steps to make sure you get compensated for your losses that were caused by a negligent driver.  Following the Three Steps to take Immediately After a Car Accident is a great way to make sure you are protecting your right to receive fair compensation for your damages.

Many accident cases present complex legal issues that often end up in litigation. An experienced injury lawyer can help fight for you and your family. A personal injury attorney, who regularly takes on the insurance companies and litigates accident cases, will know what steps to take and how to go about getting accident victims the compensation they deserve. Studies have shown that accident victims, who hired personal injury lawyers, received larger settlements in car accident cases. For this reason alone, anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident should seriously consider hiring an experienced attorney.

Speak with an Experienced Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you should contact an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney. If the other driver is responsible for causing your injuries you deserve to be fairly compensated for your injuries and damages. You shouldn’t settle for less.  

The Framingham personal injury attorneys at Mahaney & Pappas, LLP offer complimentary consultations where we will evaluate your case and provide you with a fair valuation of your accident claim. We offer contingent fee agreements on car accident cases, which means you don’t pay us anything unless and until we get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

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