personal injury attorneyMany times, people involved in a car accident in Massachusetts do not see a doctor right away. There are many reasons people do not seek medical attention, but not doing so may hurt a subsequently filed injury claim. So, as a general rule, you should at least get evaluated by a doctor soon after an accident.

Getting medical attention after a car crash is a wise thing to do for your own personal health.  It is also very important for any potential personal injury claim that may be filed against the other driver and his/her auto insurance company.  

Reasons Some People Don’t See a Doctor Right Away After a Crash

After a car crash, some people may think that they are not seriously hurt or injured. This can be due to the adrenaline rush that we experience after a frightening or startling event, such as a car accident. The adrenaline hormone floods our blood stream and can block our ability to feel pain. Because of this, a lot of people refuse medical treatment by EMTs or an ambulance at an accident scene or delay in seeking medical attention soon after a crash.

Other times, people don’t believe they are seriously injured even if they are experiencing some pain after a crash. We have had clients that did not see a doctor right away even though they felt a sharp pain in their back or neck. They try to tough it out and think that the pain will go away with some over-the-counter pain medication and rest. But, our bodies are complex, and we do not always know what is serious and what is not. Seeking medical attention right away will be able to determine if your injuries are minor or more serious. There are many diagnostic tests (e.g., x-rays, CT-scans, etc…) that will be able to detect broken bones, torn ligaments/tendons, and more serious back and neck injuries.

Car accident statistics indicate that approximately 3 million people are injured in car accidents in the United States each year. This is proof that injuries are very common in car crashes. Motor vehicle accidents are very serious events. Even low speed crashes can result in serious injuries. Even though you may not feel that you are seriously injured, you should always seek medical attention soon after an accident.

Why You Should Seek Medication Attention Right Away After a Crash

Failing to get medical attention right away after a crash can be detrimental to, not only your health, but also a subsequently filed personal injury claim. In fact, a delay in seeking medical attention is one of the many factors insurance companies use to try to minimize or even deny a personal injury claim. Not seeing a doctor right away will allow the insurance companies to argue that you were not really hurt in the accident, or that your injuries may have occurred somewhere else.

For example, we had a client, who was rear-ended while stopped at a stop sign in Framingham, Massachusetts. He said he felt a sharp pain in his neck immediately after, but didn’t think it was too serious.  He refused an ambulance and didn’t see a doctor for weeks after the crash. After finally seeing a doctor, he was referred to a neck specialist and an MRI revealed that he had a herniated disc in his neck. The insurance company used his delay in seeking medical attention against him. They aggressively fought the causal connection between the accident and his neck injury. They argued that because he didn’t see a doctor immediately that he may have been injured somewhere else.

Therefore, after an accident you should see a doctor right away. If EMTs are called to the accident scene and they recommend you be transported by ambulance to the emergency room, you should take their advice and go. If not, you should, at least, see a doctor the same day or within a couple of days. This will help your personal injury lawyer recover the financial compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffer in a car accident.

Speak with an Experienced Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney

Personal injury claims from car accidents can present many complex legal issues, especially if you delay in seeking medical attention. If you have been injured in a car accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Massachusetts.

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