common injuries in car accidentsMotor vehicle accidents are an all too common occurrence in our lives, especially in Massachusetts. Car accidents can be very scary and extremely stressful, particularly if you or someone you love are seriously injured in the crash. Serious injuries often result in extremely high medical costs and expenses and other unwanted consequences. Accident victims sometimes miss significant time at work, which results in the loss of earning or wages due to their injuries.

Additionally, permanent injuries suffered in accident can drastically change the course of someone’s life.

Below are four of the most common injuries we see from car accidents. While some of them may seem minor, they can still cause significant damages and seriously impact the lives of the injured person and their family. If you or someone you love has suffered any of these types of injuries in a crash, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Massachusetts to find out what your rights are and whether you are entitled to compensation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents are Very Common

Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state and the 3rd most densely populated area in the United States. In fact, World Population Review reported that in 2018 the population in Massachusetts has risen beyond the 6.90 million residents. That’s a lot of people living in a small area, which means a lot of vehicles on our roads and highways.

According to the Statistics Portal, three years ago in 2015 there were approximately 2.35 million registered automobiles in Massachusetts. This statistic includes both private and commercial vehicles. The more vehicles on the roads results in an increased probability of being involved and injured in a motor vehicle crash.

Four Most Common Injuries Suffered in Car Crashes

Motor vehicle collisions can result in numerous injuries to various parts of our bodies. Below are four of the most common injuries that we come across in auto accident cases:

1. Neck Injuries/Whiplash. These injuries are, perhaps, the most common suffered in auto accidents. When a collision causes the head to be thrown suddenly back and forth or side to side, a neck injury is likely to occur. The result is usually whiplash. This results in serious strain to the ligaments of the neck. Sometimes, a neck injury will resolve itself with medication, rest and physical therapy. Other times, a neck injury can be more severe leading to a cervical spine injury, such as a disc herniation that can result in the need for neck surgery.

2. Back Injuries. Just like the neck, the back and spine are very susceptible to injuries in serious motor vehicle crashes. The spine is a very delicate part of the human body and protects one of the most important parts of our body, the spinal cord. While some back injuries are relatively minor, such as strains and sprains, other common injuries to the back like disc protrusions, bulges and herniations can wreak havoc on our lives. Back injuries can lead to significant pain and suffering as well as decreased mobility and range of motion. Serious back injuries from car accidents can result in chronic life-long pain.

3. Leg and Knee Injuries. We see injuries to the lower extremities from car crashes quite often. The leg, including the hip, knee and ankle are frequently injured in accidents. The joints in our legs have several ligaments and tendons, which can be torn or stretched resulting in serious disabilities and the possible need for surgery. Similarly, the bones in our legs are also commonly injured in car accidents. Bones can be broken or fractured in violent crashes, which can result in an operation and significant recovery time.

4. Head Injuries/Concussions. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), including concussions are very common consequences of a motor vehicle collision. They are caused by a blow to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that motor vehicle crashes were the third overall leading cause of TBIs. Serious head injuries can cause loss of consciousness, nausea, confusion, memory loss and other symptoms. The effects of a serious head injury can be long lasting and cause serious disabilities.  

Why You Need An Attorney

If you, or someone you love, have suffered any one or all of the four injuries set forth above in a motor vehicle crash, you should consult with an experienced accident attorney. Serious injuries suffered in car accidents can result in significant damages. The more significant the damages in a crash, the more money the insurance companies involved may have to pay. When the insurance companies realize they may have to pay out a substantial amount of money, they take a stronger approach to defending their insured and their position. This usually results in the insurance companies employing some of the common tactics used in accident cases to minimize the amount of money they may have to pay to accident victims.

In these types of situations, accident cases can result in complex litigation. An experienced injury lawyer can help fight for you and your family. A personal injury attorney, who regularly takes on the insurance companies and litigates accident cases, will know what steps to take and how to go about getting accident victims the compensation they deserve.  

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