framingham car accident attorneyIt is still fall here in Massachusetts, but the winter-like temperatures are hitting us early this year. The temperatures are expected to be at or below the freezing mark, which means some snow and ice are likely. These weather conditions often create unsafe driving conditions. Below are a few tips on how to safely drive in the winter-like conditions to help keep you, your passengers and others on the roads safe.

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Freezing Temperatures Create Dangerous Driving Conditions

It is well known that when the freezing cold temperatures hit Massachusetts, that often means snow and ice. These two weather conditions are often the culprit in many motor vehicle accidents at this time of year and throughout winter. Having the ability to anticipate these dangerous driving conditions and how to navigate them safely may help keep you and others safe.

Snow Can Be Hazardous

Although the anticipated snow coming this week is expected to be very light, it can still create very hazardous driving conditions. This is especially so after the summer and mild fall seasons. Sometimes, drivers tend to drive the same during the first snowfall of the year as they were in warmer or milder weather conditions. This can lead to making mistakes and cause a crash and injuries.

Even light snow can make roads slippery. This can cause drivers to lose control of their cars or be unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. Snow is often to blame for many rear-end collisions. Rear-end car crashes can result in serious injuries to the cervical spine (neck) or lumbar spine (lower back). For these reasons, we should all be cognizant of the weather conditions and drive safely to help avoid accidents and injuries.

When driving in snowy conditions it is always recommended not to use cruise control. Also, be sure to leave plenty of room between you and other drivers in front of you. This will allow you extra time and space to come to a safe stop or make a defensive driving maneuver to avoid a collision. Knowing that some snow is likely, you should check your windshield wipers. Poor wipers can lead to difficulty seeing when it is snowing out. Also, be sure to check your tires and tire pressure. Worn-out tires will lead to less traction when driving in snowy conditions.  

Black Ice Can Be Dangerous

Once temperatures get around or below the freezing mark, black ice may form. This is due to moisture that freezes into a thin layer on a road. Black ice can be very hard to spot because it is the same color as the black asphalt on the road. Black ice tends to form most between sunset and sunrise when temperatures are typically at their lowest. If you are heading out on the roads during these times, be aware that there may be ice and drive slower than usual and give yourself extra space between your car and other cars on the road.

Driving on black ice is very dangerous because your vehicle typically loses all traction causing you to have no control over your vehicle. Drivers who drive too fast or follow too close to other vehicles may be unable to stop or otherwise maneuver their car in time to avoid a crash. Click here for additional tips for navigating over black ice.

Know Your Rights After Being Injured in an Accident

Even though you may be aware of the dangerous driving conditions and drive as safely as possible, car accidents can still happen. We cannot control how other drivers drive in snowy or icy conditions. When another driver causes an accident and your injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident that was caused by a careless or negligent driver, you have the legal right in Massachusetts to seek financial compensation for your losses and injuries suffered in the crash.

Injuries from car accidents often result in expensive medical bills, lost wages, and significant pain and suffering. You shouldn’t bear the costs of the medical bills if the accident was not your fault. You have the right to hold the negligent driver accountable through a personal injury claim or lawsuit to seek money to compensate you for these economic and noneconomic losses.

Sometimes it may be clear that the accident was another driver’s fault, but auto insurance companies often contest personal injury claims and lawsuits that arise from motor vehicle accidents. Insurance companies use many tactics to defend claims and lawsuits, which can create complicated legal issues that can make it challenging for accident victims to obtain the money they deserve. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

At Mahaney & Pappas, LLP, we specialize in personal injury cases. We know what steps need to be taken and how to go about getting accident victims the compensation they deserve. We'll guide you through the legal process, answer all of your questions, and deal with the medical bills and insurance companies, so you can focus on your treatment and getting better. Contact us online or call (508) 879-3500 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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