Do you know what steps to follow after being injured in a car accident in Massachusetts? In this video I will discuss with you four important steps to follow after being injured in a car crash. Following these steps should put you in the best possible position to recover the financial compensation you deserve:

1.  Call the Police: This is very important. You should always call 911 after a car accident. The responding police officers will investigate the crash and obtain the necessary information you will need in order to pursue compensation in a personal injury claim. Also, most times the police will prepare a motor vehicle crash report. This report will be helpful later on in your case in the event the auto insurance company contests or denies your bodily injury claim.

2.  Get Medical Attention Right Away: I cannot stress this enough. Your health should be your number one concern. So, if you follow step one and call 911 after a crash, an ambulance will generally respond along with the police. If you were injured in the accident and an officer or EMT recommends being transported to the emergency room, you should follow their recommendation. Also, whether you go to the ER or not after a crash, you should always follow up with your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes injuries may seem minor at first, but could actually be much worse than you initially thought. Delays in seeking medical treatment may have a negative impact on your health and personal injury claim. So, make sure you get the medical attention you need soon after an accident.

3.  Take Photographs: Photographs can be very helpful in obtaining the compensation you deserve for injures suffered in an auto accident. Pictures of the damage to the vehicles or photographs of your injuries such as scratches and bruises may be necessary to rebut an auto insurance company’s claim that the accident was minor or that you couldn’t have been injured. Do not assume the insurance company is going to accept liability or that you were injured. Protect yourself and take photographs as soon as possible.

4.  Speak with an Experienced Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney: Despite what we hear in commercials and radio ads, auto insurance companies are not on your side. They will do whatever it takes to pay you nothing or as little as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney on your side will serve to protect your legal rights and advise you on the best course of action to make sure you get the compensation you deserve after being injured in an accident.

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