If you were hurt at work in Massachusetts, you’re receiving worker’s compensation, and just got a notice to attend an independent medical exam (IME), you may be wondering whether you have to attend.

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Insurance Companies Are Allowed to Have Injured Workers Examined by Their Own Doctors

The Massachusetts Workers Compensation Act allows insurance companies to have injured workers examined by an independent medical examiner. While these doctors are referred to as independent medical examiners, there’s really nothing independent about them. You have to understand these doctors are chosen by the insurance companies and they’re also paid for by the insurance companies. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

Injured Workers Should Attend an IME

But to get back to the original question, does an injured worker have to attend an IME? The short answer is yes. If an injured worker is receiving workers compensation, and they either fail or refuse to go to an IME, their workers’ compensation benefits could be suspended and worst-case scenario, they could be forfeited. So do yourself a favor, if you were hurt at work and you receive the notice to attend an IME, make the appropriate accommodations to get to the examination.

IMEs Can Be Rescheduled - Don't Ignore Them

If that date conflicts with something in your schedule, it’s not a problem to reschedule the examination. Just don’t ignore it.

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