If you have been hurt on the job in Massachusetts and your unable to return to work you may be entitled to workers’ compensation disability benefits. The amount of the weekly disability benefits you may receive depends on your average weekly wage. For example, temporary total disability benefits are calculated in Massachusetts as 60% of the injured worker’s average weekly wage.

This is why the amount of your average weekly wage is very important.

Generally speaking, the greater the average weekly wage, the greater the weekly disability benefits and the insurance companies know this. This is why we often see insurance companies underestimate an injured worker’s average weekly wage or fail to factor in the many things that would increase it. They do this so they pay less than they should. Don’t fall victim to this tactic.

The first thing we do when we represent an injured worker is to determine whether the insurance company is paying our client the right amount of disability benefits. This means the average weekly wage must be calculated properly. Having handled workers’ compensation claims for many years, we understand the numerous factors that increase an injured worker’s average weekly wage, such as concurrent employment. If an insurance company underestimated the average weekly wage and is not paying our client what they should, we take immediate legal action to get our clients the benefits they deserve.

If you have any questions about your accident on the job, feel free to five our office a call or fill out the contact form on our website. When we speak with you, we will explain all your legal rights and answer any questions you have.

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