framingham personal injury attorneyThe term MMI is something that is frequently referred to in connection with a Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim. It can also be considered in a Massachusetts personal injury claim, but more commonly associated with workers’ compensation claims.

MMI is an acronym for Maximum Medical Improvement. MMI occurs when an injured worker reaches the point in his or her treatment where their injury or condition cannot be improved any further even with additional treatment. It can also mean that an injured employee has reached a treatment plateau and it is unlikely that his or her condition will change from that point on. In laymen’s terms, it’s the point where the injured worker is as good as he or she is going to get.

When an injured worker reaches MMI, it may have an impact on their workers’ compensation claim. In some situations, the workers’ compensation benefits may be modified or even terminated. Generally, however, this is when the injured worker (or his/her workers’ compensation attorney) and the insurer begin to discuss the possibility of a lump sum settlement.

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