The short answer is “No”.  If you are injured on the job the Workers’ Compensation laws in Massachusetts allow for the payment of disability benefits and medical benefits.  The Massachusetts laws do not provide additional benefits for pain and suffering.  So, when you settle a workers’ compensation claim, generally you are receiving a lump sum of future disability benefits up front.  There is no additional payment for pain and suffering. 

However, if your injury occurred on the job, but was caused by a third party (not your employer) then you can pursue a separate “third-party” claim for damages, including pain and suffering just like any other personal injury type case.  For example, if you work for a landscaping company and, while driving to a job site, are rear ended by another car and injured you can pursue a claim for workers’ compensation benefits (disability and medical benefits) and pursue damages (including pain and suffering) against the negligent third party that rear ended you. 

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