framingham personal injury attorneyI recently met with a person who was hurt in a car accident in Framingham, Massachusetts. During our initial meeting he asked whether he needed a lawyer to help him with his personal injury claim. This is a question that I have heard many times. To answer in true legal fashion, it depends. You might be able to handle your own injury claim, but a lawyer may get you more money.  

Studies Show Car Accident Victims Who Hired Lawyers Received Larger Settlements

The Insurance Research Council performed a study in 1999 that compared settlements of car accident cases for accident victims who hired lawyers with accident victims that represented themselves. The study results established that accident victims who hired a personal injury attorney received larger settlements.

In fact, the study revealed that accident victims who used a lawyer received 3.5 times more money in the settlement of their accident case than those who did hired an attorney. So, victims of car crashes who hired lawyers received more money even after their attorneys were paid and they paid their costs.

There have been other research studies that found that 85% of money paid by insurance companies were paid to accident victims who suffered bodily injury and employed the legal services of a personal injury lawyer. A poll of accident victims showed that more than 50% of injury clients who hired an attorney received more money than they could have recovered on their own.

These studies establish that, generally, accident victims’ settlements were higher when they used the services of a personal injury lawyer.

Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured in a car accident, hiring a lawyer who is experienced in handling car accident cases offers many benefits and can make a difference in the settlement of your case. A personal injury lawyer is, arguably, the best tool an accident victim can have for his or her accident case. I say “arguably” because in a lot of situations the right doctor is also something that is very important for anyone with serious injuries. A lawyer, who is familiar and experienced with car accident cases, can help educate their client on the personal injury process. The education and legal advice an experienced lawyer should provide their client will help the client take the right steps in pursuit of the maximum settlement possible, while helping avoid the many pit falls that can hurt or even completely ruin an injury claim.

Additionally, if there is a dispute about whose fault the accident was, an experienced trial lawyer will be able to effectively investigate the crash and negotiate with the insurance companies. If the negotiations on the issue of liability are unsuccessful, a lawyer will know when, how and where to take legal action by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Speak With An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been in a car or truck accident in Massachusetts and you are wondering whether you should hire a lawyer or just represent yourself, you should at least get some information and advice from a lawyer. If you are reading this, you have taken a great first step towards educating yourself about personal injury cases. Do yourself a favor, and take the next step. Sit down with a personal injury lawyer to get an explanation of how these cases are filed, handled and settled.

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