snowy and icy conditions on the road with a car losing traction heading into another carWithin the first month of 2022 we’ve already had a very powerful nor’easter and blizzard that dumped 2-3 feet of snow in eastern Massachusetts in places such as Boston, Quincy, Brockton, Framingham, Natick, Newton etc… In the first few days of February 2022, we have winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories due to significant sleet and freezing rain. The local news has already reported several accidents on many Massachusetts roads and highways.

The frigid cold has dropped temperatures into the teens and single digits. The severe cold coupled with precipitation creates the dangerous icy conditions that cause many car crashes and slip and fall accidents. Additional motor vehicle accidents and injuries will, inevitably, occur, which is why you should be prepared and know what to do if you are seriously injured and need an accident lawyer in Massachusetts.

Accidents Caused by Snow and Ice are Very Common

Everyone knows that snow and ice can be a major contributor to car crashes and slip and fall accidents. This is because snow and ice are very slippery conditions that reduce friction. With motor vehicles, including passenger cars and trailer trucks, the tires can be caused to lose friction with the pavement. This can cause a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle even when making routine driving maneuvers. Similarly, the snow and ice can cause your shoes to lose friction with the pavement or cement and result in a slip and fall.

It has been estimated that each year, nearly 25% of weather-related motor vehicle crashes are caused by snow, slush and/or ice. The U.S. Department of Transportation has reported that more than 1,300 deaths occur annually from car crashes caused by snow and ice. They also reported that well over one hundred thousand people are injured in these types of crashes.

With the increase in risk of serious injury or death from motor vehicle accidents related to snow and ice, it is very important that anyone on the roadways and highways in Massachusetts take extra precaution when driving. Also, if you are seriously injured in an accident, it is best to know what to do in order to protect yourself.

Follow These Safety Tips When Driving in Snow and Ice

While we have previously provided you with some tips for safe driving in Massachusetts winter storms, it is always helpful to reiterate and add to the list.

  • First thing is first, when driving during a snow storm or after the storm, everyone should reduce their speed and always pay extra attention to the road conditions and other drivers and pedestrians. The snow and ice can cause cars to slide and lose control when trying to stop or slow down. Operating at a reduced speed will decrease the risk of losing control of your car and provide more time to come to a complete stop if you do lose control.
  • Drivers should accelerate and decelerate slowly in the snow and on icy roads. This will also help reduce the chances of skidding uncontrollably and crash into another car, truck or person.
  • Keep a safe distance from other cars or trucks on the roads during the wintery conditions. On normal dry pavement, the two-second and three second rule is recommended. This means that a driver should stay at least two to three seconds behind another vehicle directly in front of his or her vehicle. When driving in the snow and ice, a driver should increase the time of this rule to at least eight to ten seconds. This will provide additional time to stop or make a safe maneuver in the event of a sudden emergency or if you or someone else loses control of their car.

Sometimes, motor vehicle accidents are unavoidable despite the most careful driving techniques. This is because, unfortunately, not everyone is as careful as we should be. If you or someone you know are injured in an accident that was caused by a careless driver in the snow and icy conditions, be sure to know the three most important steps to take after a motor vehicle accident. Following these steps is a great way to protect your legal rights to compensation if you are seriously injured in an accident.

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