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According to The Boston Globe, Massachusetts has reached a new record high temperature of 68⁰ on Thursday, February 23, 2017!  Massachusetts residents have not enjoyed this warm of weather since 1990 this time of year, when the previous record temperature of 65⁰ was set.  The sunshine and warmth has people getting outside, driving around and playing music with their windows down.  Though there is a cool front on the way, don’t let this spring fever get the best of your driving habits.

Warmer Weather Leads to More Car Accidents

We have noticed that in previous years, early spring weather often correlates with increased distracted driving and car accidents.  This is especially common among young drivers. Remember to always stay alert, buckled, and cautious when you are driving.  Staying alert will help you by allowing your reflexes to be ready. This means you will be more prompt to swerve around something in the road or slam on your brakes. Buckling your seat belt is your best safety defense against distracted drivers. Not only is properly wearing your seat belt a Massachusetts law, but it also decreases the risk of suffering a serious injury by 50% and it can save your life. Lastly, remain a cautious driver.  Being a cautious driver means you are aware of your surroundings as you are driving, therefore, allowing you to react faster in the case of an emergency.

Exercising the highest degree of care while driving can save your and other people’s lives. Driving around with the stereo on full blast is fun, but not necessarily the safest condition for you and the other drivers on the road. A high volume on your radio decreases your sensitivity to surrounding sounds.  For example, you may not hear someone honk at you or an emergency vehicle behind you. Additionally, studies show that loud music tends to link with increased driving speeds. Speeding and sudden lane switches increase your likelihood of colliding with another vehicle. 

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