Proving damages is what lawyering is all about in a personal injury case.

The whole purpose behind personal injury law is to compensate you for the injuries you suffered.  Proving injuries is not just a matter of submitting medical bills and medical records.  It’s much more than that. Getting the full and fair amount of money you deserve is an involved process. 

If you’re suffered severe and permanent injuries, life altering injuries and that case ends up at trial, you have only one chance to convince a jury of the full extent of the injuries and hardship you endured.  There are no do overs.

Now, not every case goes to trial.  Most are settled.  But that doesn’t lessen the importance of being able to effectively communicate exactly how your injury has impacted your personal life and family life.  How it will affect your future and your family’s future.  To accomplish that we prepare every case as if it is going to trial.This is our approach at Mahaney & Pappas

We have almost 50 years of combined experience with personal injury law.  We believe that the most effective way of proving damages is knowing every aspect of your medical treatment, every procedure performed.  How this injury has impacted your life, your family and loved ones, how it will impact your future and the future of you family and loved ones.  It’s the difference between accepting or maximizing the money you deserve. 

At Mahaney & Pappas we have the experience and tools to handle the most complex issues but more importantly know each and every client personally.  
Joseph M. Mahaney
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Injury lawyer serving car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims in Webster and Framingham, Massachusetts.