Scarring from an injury is a natural part of the healing process but the truth is a scar or burn will never completely go away. Any burn, any injury or trauma requiring surgery will result in a scar.  A burn or scar is often one of the most undervalued or overlooked part of damages in a personal injury case. After surgery it is inevitable that scars form.  And scarring from burns are inevitable even with the best treatment.  Burns have their own level of seriousness, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The depth and size of the wound, the location on the body, age, sex and ethnicity all play into the value of a scar.

There have been incredible advances in the treatment of burns and scars. But a burn or scar is a daily reminder of the pain and suffering endured and will almost always have a psychological as well as physical component. Scarring leads to post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, problems with social interaction.  Experts have identified scars as a significant factor in contributing to low self esteem, especially in adolescents

Burns and scars are an important part of damages in personal injury cases. At Mahaney and Pappas we have almost 50 years of combined experience with burns and scars. We have the right experts, tools and experience to present how this injury has impacted your life, your family and loved ones, how it will impact your future and the future of you family and loved ones.  It’s the difference between accepting or maximizing the money you deserve.

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