Surgery from a Massachusetts AccidentMany times, serious car crashes or other types of accidents cause severe injuries. These injuries, sometimes, require surgery. A common question our Framingham accident lawyers are asked is whether having surgery would increase the value of a Massachusetts injury case. The short answer is yes. 

Since the value of an injury claim begins with the total amount of medical bills an accident victim incurs for treatment related to an accident, generally speaking, the higher the medical bills, the higher the value of the accident claim. We all know how expensive medical bills are nowadays. Surgeries, of course, are some of the most invasive forms of treatment and are extremely costly. The added cost and expense of a surgery would signficantly increase the amount of medical bills in an injury case.

For example, we recently helped a woman who suffered a severe back injury in a rear-end car crash in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Her lower back injury required an operation known as a laminectomy. This surgical procedure cost approximately $50,000. When these expensive medical bills are factored into the damages sought in a Massachusetts personal injury claim, an accident victim will typically demand a significant amount of money to compensate them for the medical bills incurred as well as other damages and losses. In contrast, someone injured in a similar car crash, who only required physical therapy and incurred significantly less medical bills, wouldn’t expect the same amount of compensation in their accident claim.

Every accident case is different and should be evaluated by an experienced Massachusetts accident injury attorney. There are many other factors that must be considered before determining whether a surgery would increase the value of a personal injury claim. A qualified lawyer will be able to determine the appropriate amount of compensation that an accident victim can demand and expect in a settlement or verdict. Therefore, it is always recommended that an experienced accident attorney should be consulted after a serious crash.
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