framingham personal injury attorneyIf you were injured in an accident in Massachusetts, you may have the right to financial compensation. That right to compensation depends on a number of different factors. That’s where a personal injury lawyer comes into play. So, you’ve done your research for the right personal injury attorney. You called and scheduled an appointment to meet with the lawyer. You are probably wondering at that point “What do I need to bring with me?”

When you meet with a lawyer for the first time about your accident you should bring whatever documents or evidence you have related to the accident and your injuries. Remember, at the initial meeting with an accident attorney, he or she will be assessing your case. Here is a brief list of certain items that will be very helpful to a thorough evaluation of your case:

  • Copies of any police reports, motor vehicle crash reports, accident reports or any other incident reports that may explain how the accident occurred and who the involved parties and witnesses are.
  • Photographs and videos are extremely helpful in accident cases. These items will help you and your lawyer examine where and how the accident happened. Pictures of your injuries are also helpful.
  • Documents and letters you may have already received from the potential responsible party and/or their insurance company. Remember, you shouldn’t sign any documents the other party’s insurance company mails you asking you to sign. Bring it to your meeting with the attorney so you can review it together to determine whether you should or have to sign it.
  • In motor vehicle accidents, you should bring your car insurance information, such as your Personal Auto Coverage Selection Page. The Coverage Selection Page shows the coverages you have and is issued by your auto insurance company. This will be helpful in determining additional insurance coverage, such as Uninsured or Underinsured coverage, in the event the person who hit you doesn’t have insurance or enough insurance to cover your injuries and damages.
  • Your health insurance information is helpful in certain accident cases. For instance, your health insurance will determine how much PIP coverage you are entitled to.
  • Hospital, doctor or other health care documents and/or reports will enable the lawyer to determine the extent of your injury and needed treatment.

While this is just a summary of certain documents that will be helpful to an evaluation of your accident case, you should bring any other items you feel may assist the attorney in getting a complete understanding of your case.

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