Yes. The Office of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation (OEVR) is a division of the Department of Industrial Accidents for Massachusetts workers’ compensation cases. The OEVR provides assistance to eligible injured workers to help them return to appropriate gainful employment.

When an injured employee in Massachusetts receives a letter from OEVR with a date and time to meet with someone at the OEVR, the employee must attend. The laws in Massachusetts provide for certain penalties for employees who fail or refuse to attend the meeting or cooperate in the process. For example, an injured worker who fails to attend the mandatory meeting is not entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits during the time they refuse to cooperate. Also, an employee that has been found suitable for educational or vocational rehabilitation services and thereafter refuses to cooperate will suffer a reduction in their weekly disability compensation checks.

So, if you receive a letter from OEVR informing you that you need to attend a meeting, you should do so or consult with an experienced Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney.

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