personal injury attorneySome people who are in a car accident are not sure whether they have a personal injury case or not. There are a number of things that must be examined, but the list below is a good start to determining whether you have a personal injury case or not.

As injury case from a car accident is a bodily injury claim for the injuries and losses you suffered in a car crash. In the case or claim you will be seeking financial compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered as a result fo the crash.

In Massachusetts, generally, you would have a personal injury case if:

  1. Obviously, you were in a motor vehicle accident either as a driver or passenger;
  2. You were injured or hurt in the accident;
  3. The driver of the other car or someone else was at fault for causing the accident;
  4. The other driver’s negligence in causing the accident was the cause of your injuries;
  5. You have incurred reasonable and necessary medical expenses in excess of $2,000 or the accident causes death, loss of a body member, results in permanent or serious disfigurement, or results in loss of sight or hearing.

There are other matters that must be considered, such as whether the other driver’s auto insurance policy applies to the accident. Each case is different and must be evaluated based upon the specific facts and circumstances of each accident. The best way to be certain that you have a personal injury case from a car accident is to speak with an experienced car accident attorney.

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