In this personal injury case, our client, a young girl, was seriously injured at a water park. She went down a water slide and when she got to the bottom of the slide another person was right behind her. This other person collided with our client and broke her arm. Initially, we filed a claim with the insurance company and attempted to negotiate the issue of liability. The insurance company denied the claim and contended that our client was not entitled to any money.

In response, we immediately filed a lawsuit for negligence against the water park. The basis for the lawsuit was that the water park's employee failed to properly supervise the people going down the waterslide.  In essence, the employee was not paying attention and the people were going down the water slide too soon after each other and this caused our client’s injuries. The water park’s insurance company refused to offer a settlement prior to trial. 

This case was tried before a jury of 12 people in the Suffolk Superior Court. After all the evidence was presented, the jury returned a verdict for our client and awarded her $90,000.00 in damages. 


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