Attorney Charles S. Pappas obtained a $55,000.00 lump sum settlement in a Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation case for a maintenance worker who injured himself on the job.

Summary of Work Accident

In this case, a 63 year old maintenance worker was changing a lightbulb at work. To do this, he needed to use a step ladder. While changing the lightbulb, he fell from the step ladder to the ground and fractured his left wrist. He was immediately transported to an emergency room. At the hospital this employee was diagnosed with a comminuted left distal radius fracture. He underwent an open reduction internal fixation of a multi-fragment fracture. After the surgery, the employee underwent months of physical therapy with only minimal progress.

The Workers’ Compensation Insurer Made Payments and Stopped Them Abruptly

The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company voluntarily paid this injured worker temporary total disability benefits from the date of the injury. The insurance company, for some unknown reason, discontinued the disability payments to this injured worker. This left the injured employee with a serious injury, unable to work, and no money coming in to pay bills and buy essential necessities. That is when he found Attorney Charles S. Pappas online.

Injured Worker Hired Attorney Pappas – Immediate Legal Action Taken

At their initial meeting, Attorney Pappas explained the workers’ compensation process in Massachusetts, answered all of the injured worker’s questions and evaluated the case. Attorney Pappas took immediate action and filed an Employee’s Claim seeking the resumption of disability payments and the retroactive disability benefits that were due this worker from the date the insurance company stopped paying.

Before the Employee’s Claim got before a Judge, Attorney Pappas was able to negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurer and got them to pay all the retroactive benefits due this client from the date the insurer discontinued payments as well as the insurer’s agreement to continue payments of temporary total disability benefits.

Employee Obtained a Satisfactory Lump Sum Settlement

Attorney Pappas had this client evaluated by an expert orthopedic doctor and obtained an independent medical report from this expert about the employee’s medical condition. This report was essential to open up discussions with the insurer of a settlement in this case.

Attorney Pappas was able to use this report as well as other evidence in negotiating and obtaining a $55,000.00 lump sum settlement for this client, which included future disability benefits as well as benefits for scarring and loss of function.   

Have you Been Hurt on the Job in Massachusetts?

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