A woman, who was injured on the job at a well-known Massachusetts retail clothing store, received a $45,000 lump sum settlement. In this Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation case, the insurance company initially denied the injured worker’s claim and refused to pay benefits. That’s when she hired Attorney Chuck Pappas of Mahaney & Pappas, LLP.

The Work Injury, Disability and Treatment

In this case, the employee worked for a retail clothing store in Dedham, Massachusetts on the floor. Most of her time on the job was spent setting up merchandise displays, hanging and re-hanging clothing. During the busy holidays, she spent considerable time taking clothing from the dressing rooms and re-hanging them on the clothing racks. Over time, she noticed that her hand, wrist and elbow began to hurt, but continued working hoping that the pain would go away. When the pain persisted and got worse, she reported her injury to her employer and went to see a doctor.

Her doctors diagnosed her with a type of wrist injury and an elbow injury known as cubital tunnel syndrome, which is an irritation or injury to the ulnar nerve (a/k/a the funny bone). This type of condition causes numbness and/or tingling in the fingers and pain in the forearm, and hand. Based upon the injured employee’s explanation of her work duties, her doctors related her injuries to her work from the overuse and repetitive use of her hand, wrist and arm and ordered her to remain out of work while she treated and recovered from her injuries.

Legal Action for the Work Injury

After this employee was ordered to remain out of work, her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company denied the claim and refused to pay benefits. The injured worker was out of work and had no money coming in to support herself and her family. That’s when she was referred to Attorney Chuck Pappas by a friend of hers.

Attorney Pappas met with the client, evaluated the work injury case and took immediate action. An Employee Claim for Benefits was filed with the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents. Attorney Pappas was successful in having an administrative judge order the workers’ compensation insurance company to pay the injured worker disability benefits and cover the cost of all medical treatment.

The workers’ compensation insurer appealed the judge’s order and the claim then proceeded to a Hearing. Following the Hearing and before the judge issued a decision, the workers’ compensation insurance company agreed to pay the injured worker a lump sum settlement of $45,000. The settlement represented approximately 4 years of future disability benefits. This was a very good result for this injured employee and she was extremely happy.

Have you Been Hurt on the Job in Massachusetts?

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