A gentleman from Leominster, Massachusetts hired Attorney Charles S. Pappas and received a $165,000 settlement to compensate him for injuries he suffered in a commercial trucking accident.

How the Trucking Accident Happened

On a beautiful fall day our client was traveling westbound in his car on Interstate 290 in Auburn, Massachusetts. The westbound side of I-290 is a 3 lane highway. Our client was driving in the far right lane and came to a stop because of congested traffic. While at a complete stop, a tractor trailer rear-ended this client at a high rate of speed causing major rear end damage to his vehicle. The collision forced my client’s vehicle into the rear of another vehicle in front of him causing a double collision.

The Massachusetts State Police responded to the accident scene and investigated the crash. The investigating Massachusetts Trooper issued a Motor Vehicle Crash Report and determined that the truck driver of the 18-wheeler failed to pay proper attention to the traffic. This Motor Vehicle Crash Report was important in the handling of this trucking accident case. 

This Accident Victim Suffered Serious Injuries

As a result of the trucking accident, our client suffered significant injuries as well as severe pain and suffering. Emergency Medical Technicians from the Auburn Fire Rescue responded to the crash and treated our client at the scene. This client was unconscious and secured to a stretcher and transported via ambulance to the Trauma Center of UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. At the Trauma Center the doctors noted that our client had no recollection of the accident. It was determined that our client suffered traumatic head injury, which resulted in vomiting and dizziness in the Trauma Center for several hours after the trucking accident. In addition to his head injury, this man complained of pain in his chest, left hip pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain. He also suffered a laceration to his tongue and dental injuries from the crash consisting of a chipped and loose tooth.

CT scans were taken of numerous body parts. The CT scan of the abdomen revealed a non-displaced sternal and manubrial fracture. Our client was kept overnight for two nights (3 days) in the Trauma Center for observations due to the head injury, manubrial fracture and chest pain.

Attorney Pappas was Hired and Immediately Went to Work

Upon his discharge from the UMass Trauma Center, this client was brought to his home and wasn’t sure what to do. A good friend of his heard about the crash and recommended that he call Attorney Chuck Pappas to help him. This client called Attorney Pappas and explained the situation. Since this man’s car was totaled in the crash, he had no transportation and could not make it out to Mahaney & Pappas, LLP’s office in Framingham, Massachusetts. So, like he does with many personal injury cases, Attorney Pappas drove out to this man’s house in Leominster, Massachusetts right away. Chuck Pappas sat down with this man at his kitchen table, went over the facts of the case, and explained the process of a commercial trucking accident case. All of this man’s questions were answered and he hired Attorney Pappas to represent him. As with all of our personal injury cases, Attorney Pappas accepted this accident case on a contingent fee basis and immediately went to work.

Chuck Pappas notified all of the insurance companies involved in this crash. Attorney Pappas made arrangements to make sure that all of the medical bills were being addressed by the auto insurance carriers as well as our client’s health insurance company. This was done quickly so the ambulance and hospital bills were paid and did not go into collections. In addition, Attorney Pappas immediately began to collect evidence of the accident, including the Motor Vehicle Crash Report, photographs of the damage to the client’s vehicle as well as the damage to the tractor trailer.  

Once all of the evidence was collected, Attorney Pappas began to discuss and negotiate the issue of liability with the tractor trailer’s insurance company. Initially, the truck driver claimed that our client swerved in front of him and that the tractor trailer didn’t have time to stop. This claim was quickly discredited by the photographs and witness statements obtained by Attorney Pappas. (This is why it is so important to take immediate action and obtain evidence as soon as possible). Ultimately, the tractor trailer’s insurance company accepted liability admitting that the truck driver was negligent and at-fault for the accident.

The Treatment for the Injuries Suffered in the Accident

Soon after the accident, this client met with his primary care doctor. It was noted that he continued to experience headaches and nausea from his head injury and had bruising over his chest and left flank. He was determined to be suffering from post-concussion syndrome and was referred to a head injury specialist. In addition, he was referred to physical therapy for the shoulder injury he suffered in the accident and for the hip injuries he suffered.  

This man underwent approximately 26 physical therapy sessions over the course of 14 weeks. Upon his discharged from physical therapy he continued to experience pain in his left hip and right shoulder and was given a home exercise plan to follow. He also treated with several doctors for his head injury and dental injuries. The concussion symptoms continued for a short while, but began to subside with the continued treatment with the head injury specialists. Although, our client continued to experience some minor discomfort, he made a full recovery.

The Settlement of this Trucking Accident Case

Once this client had completed his treatment and made a maximum medical improvement from all of his medical treatment, Attorney Pappas and staff began to prepare this case for settlement. All of the client’s medical records and medical bills, including all costs and expenses of his treatment were obtained. Attorney Pappas reviewed the medical records, totaled up all of the medical bills and submitted a demand for settlement to the trucking company’s insurance company.

Initially, the insurance company attempted to use some of the common insurance company tactics to minimize the injuries. Attorney Pappas aggressively negotiated this accident claim and within 45 days of submitting the demand, Attorney Pappas was able to settle this case for $165,000, which is more than four times the total medical bills. In addition to obtaining the settlement, Attorney Chuck Pappas spent considerable time making sure all of the client’s medical bills were paid. This client was very happy with his settlement.

If You Have Been Seriously Injured In A Trucking Accident You Should Speak With An Experienced Accident Attorney

You may be entitled to financial compensation for injuries suffered in a trucking accident. Dealing with the national trucking insurance companies and getting proper compensation from them, however, can be difficult. This is why, if you were hurt in a trucking accident, you should consult with an experienced accident lawyer.

Mahaney & Pappas, LLP is a law office dedicated to representing accident victims, including those injured in truck accidents. Our mission is to get the maximum financial compensation for our clients for the injuries, damages and losses they suffered. If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, please contact us online or call (508) 879-3500 for a free meeting to discuss your claim. 


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