In this Massachusetts workers’ compensation case a 56 year old maintenance worker suffered a serious lower back injury on the job. Initially, this client had another attorney. The other attorney filed a claim on behalf of this worker, but it was denied. After it was denied the client was told that there was nothing else that could be done. That is when this worker was referred to Mahaney & Pappas, LLP by another lawyer that is familiar with our work and services. Attorney Pappas took immediate action and ultimately secured a $70,000 lump sum settlement for this maintenance worker.

How the Work Injury Occurred

In 2015 this 56 year-old man was employed by a well-known hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He job title was maintenance engineer. In October 2015 this worker had to set up a large conference room at the hotel for a seminar that was scheduled. This required the employee to set up approximately 160 conference tables with chairs for the seminar.

The day after the seminar, this worker had to break down all the conference tables and put them back into storage. This work was completed by our client, himself. While performing this work, the employee began to experience severe pain in his lower back. He initially thought it was nothing serious, but over the next few days the back pain got worse.  

A Summary of the Injury and Treatment

When the pain became unbearable, the worker went to see his doctor. His primary care physician referred him to an orthopedic spine specialist. The orthopedic doctor ordered an MRI of our client’s lumbar spine and advised him to remain out of work.

The MRI of the lumbar spine revealed a broad-based central disc herniation at L4-L5 with compression on the L5 nerve root. Initially, the orthopedic doctor recommended conservative treatment, which included physical therapy and epidural steroid injections. The physical therapy and injections did very little to reduce the pain and discomfort this worker suffered. Following the failed conservative treatment, the orthopedic surgeon recommended back surgery.

In June 2016 this employee underwent an L4-L5 microdiskectomy and L5 foraminotomy. After the back surgery this client completed another conservative course of physical therapy. He continued, however, to experience lower back pain, and radicular pain down his right leg. Due to the ongoing pain and discomfort, the orthopedic surgeon recommended an L4-S1 spinal fusion.  The employee then underwent the L4-S1 posterior lumbar interbody fusion in April of 2017. Since the lumbar fusion the employee has completed physical therapy and has been making progress in his recovery.

How Mahaney & Pappas, LLP Helped This Injured Worker

Soon after the work accident the workers’ compensation insurance company voluntarily paid the injured worker temporary total disability benefits. After only a month of making payments the insurance company modified the benefits to partial disability. This resulted in the injured worker receiving much less money each week. When this happened, the employee’s first attorney filed a claim for total disability benefits. Unfortunately, that claim was denied by a judge and the worker was told by his former attorney that there was nothing else that he could do. That is when a friend (who happened to be a lawyer) of the injured worker referred him to Mahaney & Pappas, LLP.

We took over the case almost 18 months after the first lawyer’s claim was denied. Following our investigation and evaluation of the case we filed another Claim for Benefits on behalf of our client.  After the Conciliation and before another Conference Attorney Pappas thoroughly negotiated this claim with the insurance company’s attorney. Ultimately, Attorney Pappas was able to secure a $70,000 lump sum settlement for this injured worker.  This client was very happy with the results in his case, especially after he thought there was nothing more he could do.

Have you Been Hurt on the Job in Massachusetts?

If you, or someone you know, has been injured on the job in Massachusetts, you should have your case examined by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A skilled lawyer will be able to explain to you what your rights are after being injured on the job in Massachusetts and will make you are getting the benefits you deserve. If you are not getting the benefits you deserve, then a qualified attorney will know what legal action to take to get you fair compensation for your work injury.

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