In the cold and snow filled winter of 2015 our client, Steven, was employed by a local University.  He was in his mid-thirties, had two young children, and was working as a skilled laborer.  His regular duties involved cutting grass, snow removal, and other labor intensive activities on the campus grounds.  In February 2015, Steven reported to work in the early morning hours as he routinely did for years.  On this specific day he was asked to remove snow from the windows of the second floor of a building.  While removing the snow from the windows, our client slipped and fell inside the window and onto a table. When he fell on the table he hit his shoulder and neck. He was in immediate pain, but tried to shake it off.  He reported the work accident right away to his supervisors, but did his best as a dedicated employee to finish his duties that day. 

In the days following the work accident Steven continued to feel the pain in his neck and shoulder, which became unbearable.  He went to his doctor and was diagnosed with a cervical strain, lumbar strain, and a shoulder injury.  His doctor ordered him to remain out of work and referred him to an orthopedic doctor.  He called his boss and explained what his doctor had told him and sent in his disability note.

Our client met with the orthopedic doctor, who confirmed the original diagnosis and referred Steven to physical therapy. Over the next several weeks, our client never heard from his employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company.  He was injured, in pain, and had no money coming in.  He continued physical therapy with some benefit, but was still unable to work due.  Steven was very concerned because he had a family to support.  After several more weeks of not hearing from his employer, he called us. 

We met with Steven the same day he called and we explained the payments and benefits that are available to him for a work related accident.  We also explained to him about the process of a workers’ compensation claim and the numerous steps involved.   An Employee’s Claim for benefits was filed immediately by our office seeking temporary total disability benefits and the payment of medical benefits.

At the Conference, we were successful and obtained an Order from the Judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents for the workers’ compensation insurance company to pay Steven disability benefits and to pay for his medical treatment. The Order also required the insurance company to pay our client retroactive payments going back to the first day he was out of work due to his injury. The insurance company appealed the Judge’s Order.

Prior to the Hearing on the appeal, our office was able to negotiate a settlement of $42,500.00 for Steven. Our client was extremely happy with his settlement.

If you or someone you know are in the same situation that Steven was, where your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company refuse to pay disability benefits or medical benefits, please call our office at (508) 879-3500 or contact us online.  We will meet with you as soon as possible and explain to you what your rights are as an injured worker.  Don’t get the run-around, call us and take action. 


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