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Some of the saddest cases our personal injury attorneys handle involve serious injuries to young children in car accidents.  Our Framingham car accident attorneys have seen children suffer injuries ranging from broken bones to serious head injuries.  These children are young enough that they are required to be in booster seats.  With so many different types of booster seats, parents wonder what style is best to protect their children.  Recent studies have shown that a high back booster seat for children between the age of four and twelve provides better protection to children involved in a car accident. 

How to Tell if a Car Seat is Safe for Your Child

The car seat manufacturer Britax released a video that shows how using a high back booster seat is safer than just using a booster cushion.  In the video, the crash test dummy in the booster cushion slips out of the top part of the seatbelt upon impact and strikes its head on the inside of the vehicle.  The test dummy in the high back booster seat remains secure in the booster seat by the seat’s side supports as the booster stays upright during the impact. 

A child in a booster cushion that strikes his/her head during an accident, like the crash test dummy in the video, runs the risk of suffering a head or brain injury.  Head injuries in children vary from concussions to skull fractures to more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  Our office has worked on numerous cases that involved young children with head injuries.  Brain injuries in children can impact a child's physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning.  This is why, if a child is involved in a serious car accident and strikes his/her head or is believed to have struck his/her head, they should be seen by a doctor immediately. 

Medical Treatment for Children after a Car Accident

Treatment for head injuries in children depends on the severity of the injury.  Most times, children are treated in the Emergency Room, and then follow up with their pediatrician.  In serious cases, children are referred to neurology experts in brain injury centers or clinics in and around Boston.  These experts can properly diagnose the injury and provide a proper treatment and management plan so the child can make the best possible recovery. 

If a child is injured in a car accident caused by someone’s negligence, experienced injury lawyers should be consulted. Head or brain injuries in children suffered in high impact car accidents can be severe and cause families to accumulate significant medical bills, costs and expenses.  Families should know their rights before speaking with the insurance company about an accident.  Knowledge about the injury claim process and having the right lawyers give families the best opportunity to get fair and just compensation for injuries to their child.

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