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During the winter holidays, the number of car accidents rise due to an increase in the number of cars on the road.  A lot of people are out driving around, shopping and traveling to see family and friends to celebrate.  Also, in the winter months the weather is usually a factor that contributes to an increase in traffic accidents (but maybe not this year…so far).  Another reason car accidents increase during the holidays is drunk driving.  Our office has seen some horrific injuries caused by drunk driving accidents.  The U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reports that 40% of traffic-related deaths during Christmas and New Year's involve drunk drivers. 

The holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s, are supposed to be full of cheer and fun.  But, with an increase in car crashes comes an increase in personal injury.  In fact, in Massachusetts (and in the United States) car crashes are one of the leading causes of personal injury. While a serious injury from a car accident can certainly put a damper on your holidays, not being fairly compensated for your injuries will most certainly make it worse.  If you were involved in a car accident this holiday season, follow The Three Most Important Tips to do Immediately after a Car Accident

Steps to Take after a Car Accident

Take Pictures: 

Pictures are extremely helpful in personal injury cases.  They are great evidence to use in proving the other driver was at fault. For example, photographs that show the damage to the vehicles, the location or intersection where the accident took place, and any skid marks or street signs in the area are especially helpful. These can come in handy if the other driver and his insurance company are trying to place blame on you. 

Get Medical Attention Right Away:

Seeking medical attention right away is important in a personal injury case.  It gets you the medical help you need for your injury and also lends credibility to the claim that you were injured in the car accident.  A delay in seeking medical attention for your injury allows the insurance company to argue or speculate that you may not have been injured in the car accident or that you may have injured yourself after the accident.  A good rule to follow: if the EMS recommends you be transported to the emergency room for medical treatment, do it.  They know best.

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We, at Mahaney & Pappas, hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season.  But, we understand that most times car accidents are out of your control.  If you are seriously hurt in a car accident, contact our office of experienced personal injury attorneys today. We will set up a free consultation and evaluate your injury claim.  Our goal is to make sure you receive the maximum amount of money for your injuries. 

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